Application of Short Videos from Twitter, Vine Reaches Smart phones

Service lets you edit and share videos of up to six seconds through the microblog and brings together 13 million users worldwide

The Vine application, developed by Twitter, just came to smart phones and tablets with Android, Google’s operating system. It allows you to record videos of up to six seconds and debuted in January with exclusivity on the iPhone. To download the Vine for Android, users can access the Google Play (the application is only compatible with Android 4.0 or higher).

“Limitations stimulate creativity of the people,” says co-founder of Twitter

The application allows you to share videos of up to six seconds long. The Vine creates automatically the video from clips of very short duration. The user can assemble your six-second clip from a continuous video or multiple shorter segments.

According to the Twitter team, the Vine brings together 13 million users since your release in January of this year.

“We have added features that are unique to the Android version, such as zoom and offline browsing”, says the team, on the official blog. Other new features are expected to arrive soon at two new versions of the Vine.

The Vine automatically connects the segments written and assembles the final video. The videos created with the Vine can be inserted easily into publications on Twitter. For now, the app is only available for iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch), but Twitter says that it should reach other platforms soon.

The video sharing service Vine is a result of the acquisition of the company of the same name on Twitter, in October last year. Created by three young Americans, the Vine was as a video application, but he did not come to be released and the company just sold to Twitter.

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September 30, 2017

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