AR, a Graphic Adventure Seeking Financing to Be Completed

The phenomenon of the graphic adventures It had its heyday decades ago, brother-in-law were considered video game genre par excellence, with large works such as Sam & Max and The Curse of Monkey Island. However, they are now a genre thought for a very small, but very loyal audience although the landscape of video games for smartphones has done that many pelted the pool to try to revitalize it.
It is the case of the Spanish study Jack wild, He wants to recover the essence of yesteryear with one of its projects, AR. And want it done with people experienced in the video game industry, as the scriptwriter Greg Rucka, who has appeared in Marvel comics and DC, in addition to the script for Syphon Filter: Logan´s Shadow for PSP.
The funding methodology is already known crowdfunding, they need to make a total of four episodes of the adventure. Rewards range from the mereos acknowledgements, the $20 for both PC and Android game, books of art or a USB drive that is inserted into a floppy disk 3 and a half, among other merchandising and rewards.
That Yes, to encourage hesitant people to contribute and know where it will stop the money, have decided to make available to the first chapter of the game, finished and thus convince more people. By the time they take 17.351 dollars of the necessary 100,000 20 days to finish. It is difficult that they succeed, although they may surprise us