Are Birkenstocks Good for Runners

The fact that the healthy-Flop from Germany would even have such a hype, hardly a had believed. Many a still asking how this could happen. That you walk in Birkenstocks healthy, determined. But one thing is clear, Birkenstocks are not everyone’s favorite. I confess quite openly as Birkenstock wearer and show you today how you can combine them for everyday use.

Comfortable And Healthy in Birkenstocks-But Also Beautiful?

No one doubts the effect of Birkenstocks. The shoes you can watch that your feet will feel it. The ergonomically shaped sole made of natural materials is wide enough so that each toe has space. Running in Birkenstocks is like running barefoot, comfortable only in the long term. Because most of the time you run probably not in the sand or on the lawn, where the ground is flexible, but on solid floors that do not give in. Precisely because the Birkenstocks are ideal as they absorb each step.
And now comes not only as slippers a Birkenstock shoe is suitable. As he sandal is a classic that is always on trend. The company brings in each collection produced models that are chic and stylish. The typical design remains nevertheless always receive. However, the fashionable shoes look less with regard to health than by design.

So You Combine the Birkenstock Best

1. No socks!

The most important rule for a combination is that you please do not wear socks to. Unless you uses them as slippers (go to Outside you wear them barefoot with beautiful and fits painted nails.

2. No Baggy Look!

Very disadvantageous see the comfortable shoes made in combination with a comfortable baggy look. A sweatpants in large quantities provides a much too large T already so too much like pajamas. The Birkenstocks give this style additionally a touch trash which again hardly can do well yourself.

3. Choose Fashionable Designs

Birkenstocks are produced in incredible variety. For your Plus Size casual look you choose models that sparkle thanks stones, are colorful patterned or designed in bright colors. They attract attention and distract from common touch that always radiate the Birkenstock shoes.

4. Color Matched

When choosing your Birkenstocks you should make it, that they are suitable for color remaining outfit. Do it like Jessica Alba and reach for the blue fabric Oversized pants, blue Birkenstocks and a white-blue striped top. This maritime look is chic and contemporary.

5. The Summery Look

Heidi Klum has led the way. As professing Birkenstock wearer has even released a collection in collaboration with the label. My favorite of their styles is the short XXL shorts together with a breezy shirt.

6. Festival Ready Shoes

The shoes are made for standing for hours, dancing and moving. That is why they are suitable for a casual look with Festival maxi dress and Frans jacket. Even the classic plus size look absolutely-of large sizes Jeans and white shirt-see Birkenstocks simply relaxed.

7. Combined Precious

You love the smart casual look? How about, for example, with a bright blouse, a black trousers and red Birkenstocks? When all the parts are the same high quality as the shoes, then you show yourself as a lady with taste. Even for plus size blazer and shift dress make Birkenstocks a good figure, if they themselves have a unique design.
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