Are You Wearing The Right Bra Size

A survey reveals that seven out of 10 women don’t wear the right bra size.It’s a shame because a bra perfectly adapted to your morphology does wonders for your figure and gives a special feeling of comfort. You’re not sure of your size? Thanks to this checklist of Marie Jo, you’ll know immediately if your bra is right for you.

  1. The Material makes the folds on the bonnet?

The hat is too large. It should perfectly wrap the chest. The material may not be folds or gathers anywhere.

  1. The Back Tends to go up?

The band is too big. The back of the BRA should position themselves well horizontally. It tends to go up, the chest will not have sufficient support. First check if the ramp is set correctly: if it is too tight, the back will naturally tend to go up.

  1. The Line Cutter skin?

According to Philosophynearby, the bra is too small. And the effect is really unsightly under a shirt close to the body. Your figure is undermined by the kind of bead that appears. The transition between the bonnet and the chest must be fluid, create no demarcation under clothing.

  1. You Have gone through all the points in the checklist and everything is OK?Make a small test.

Lean forward, shake the chest and straighten up. Everything is always as perfect? Then you got the right number.
Good advice: take your measurements at least once a year!
You feel that your size changed? It’s possible! All kinds of events can have an impact on your chest, whether a change in weight, pregnancy or age, simply. As many good reasons for you to at least once a year at a Lingerie Styling expert to take your measurements. The best way to chase away all doubts!