As You Correctly Cleans Your Smartphone

A Smartphone is a veritable bacterial stove, the circumstances are more bacteria than on a toilet.We tell you how to properly clean your Smartphone and thus free of bacteria.
Few make the effort to keep clean with your Smartphone display, thereby not only fingerprints, cavort on the device but sometimes more bacteria than on door handles or on Toilettenspülgriffen.

Smartphone clean: 6 simple but effective tips

The Smartphone has become our loyal companion and many put it almost out of hand. As our faithful companion, our Smartphone is of course also bring on the toilet in your pocket and is also used. And not without consequences. Even traces of faeces are so on every sixth device to locate. Researchers have found among others already cause of stomach and digestion problems. But also harmless bacteria are naturally available on Smartphones. Smartphone displays are regularly cleaned due to the bacteria of the bad variety. What hygiene measures help? We have the best tips on how you should clean your Smartphone for you.

Tip 1: use alcohol

Used for Smartphone-cleaning never alcohol based cleaning agent. Many displays have a special surface with a grease repellent layer, so may be destroyed. This brings us directly to the second tip.

Tip 2: special cleaner

Third-party, there are a number of special cleaning kits for smartphones. But manufacturers themselves as, for example, Apple also offer suitable products in their official shops, which you can use. Furthermore, there are also so-called antibacterial cleaning masses, which are suitable for the Smartphone clean. The spaces to be a such rubbery Playdough especially well clean and kill germs.

Tip Use glasses cleaning or Micro-Fiber Cloths 3:

Scientists and faculty professors found on any third device that has been cleaned with a glasses cleaning cloth, all bacteria have been completely removed. The micro-fiber cloth could completely remove the bacteria on every fourth phone. Also glasses cleaning cloth or micro-fibre cloths are suitable for cleaning of the Smartphone. The latter should moisten her. In this case you should not wet wipe to disable respectively this and if possible – to remove the battery before you clean your Smartphone. Even better to combat germs, you can give special display cleaner on the cloth. Respect in any case it sure that no fluid in the Interior of the instrument comes.

Use Tip 4: protective film

A screen protector can make a difference. One protects your smartphone from scratches and it is significantly lighter than display glass itself clean. You can access here even overly diluted disinfectants because there is no direct contact to the surface. But here, too, you should of course put it on a towel and pour it directly on the Smartphone.

Tip 5: connections and clean covers

In the connections of your Smartphone, dirt, usually in the form of dust, in hard to reach places gathers in the course of time. Also here can be used of course to the microfiber and glasses cleaning cloth. Alternatively, you can let use a compressed air spray with the terminals free from dirt.
To best protect your connections against dirt, you can seal it with little rubber covers, so there nothing more enters. However, you must then every time take the covers off and stow away, if you want to recharge your phone or want to listen to music through headphones.

Tip wash hands 6:

The last tip should be actually natural. There’s not a hundred percent protection unfortunately, but with regular hand washing is everyone on a good way. With a protective film and occasional cleaning and disinfecting everything really.


Many germs can cavort on a Smartphone, you know how you can clean your phone with our tips and are now very well prepared the battle to say the bacteria.