Ashley Graham Swimsuit

It is a must: the release of Swimsuit Issue of Sports Illustrated, which every year brings together some of the most beautiful models in the world for very sexy pictures. In 2016, Ashley Graham officially becomes one of them, and reveals its forms in a bikini.

The news broke yesterday on social networks: Ashley Graham, buxom forms model, officially becomes one of the tops photographed for the famous Swimsuit Issue, number special swimsuit Sports Illustrated published each year.
A magazine that has seen the biggest names in fashion, Heidi Klum to Cindy Crawford. A number where the oiled bodies follow and look alike, with their tapered legs and their flat stomach.
The arrival of Ashley Graham did blow a cool breeze on this cast. Because the model of 28 displays shapes a bit more generous. Sublime, the top plus size bikinis we follow on Instagram wears a size 48. Not really the norm on the catwalks.
By naming “Rookie” and bringing it into the dream team, the magazine ensures publicity and is part of a trend that sees women to fuller forms crash on the shootings.

Ashley Graham: “A dream that becomes reality”

If Ashley Graham would like to detach from this label of a model more “size” (and she is not alone, others have launched a campaign for what we give up this distinction), his presence in this issue of Swimsuit Issue is necessarily a symbol.
Certainly, the magazine always showered under the pictures of cute sexy girls in bikini. But by inviting Ashley Graham, the publication offers a bit of diversity. And supports the idea that sexy does not only mean size 36.
Note that this is not really a first for the young woman. She already appeared in the pages of the magazine last year, but as the face of the brand Swimsuits for all. This time, she is “tenure”. A step forward no doubt and “a dream that becomes reality” for Ashley Graham, who also shared the news on Instagram.