Ask Manolo: Rubber Boots

Hi, Got a couple of days ago that I need a pair of rubber boots. Is both practical and can hopefully be pretty neat. My research has not procured as much of value, so I thought this is a great opportunity to ask Manolo. What I’m looking for is a pair of colorful boots; The image I have in my head is something like Paul Smith’s signing, wonderfully colourful in all cases. Would be nice if you have some tips to share with us! /Erik
I completely agree with you. Rubber boots are practical and timely performance also neatly. When it comes to colorful variations, it is unfortunately quite lean. I am not aware that Paul Smith not made rubber boots for men. Nor is there any direct equivalent to Lady models like those from Marc Jacobs or Pucci. Now globalsciencellc lists the most trendy boots as bellow, and hopefully you will like them.
After Kate Moss stepped clay during Glastonbury Festival in a pair of rubber boots from Hunter, became this British Classics once again popular. Mainly seen Hunters in subtle colors like moss green, Navy Blue and red, but for the slightly more eccentrically laid are also pink and purple. A couple is undoubtedly an investment for life.
A tip for brightly colored rubber boots is to ensure marine fashion. It tends to be slightly shorter boots more suited to an active life on the boat. Here a couple from the Swedish Classic Tretorn.
A prakiskt alternative to rubber boots, overshoes. This protection allows to wear something more dressy shoes at the Office without having to destroy them on the way there. Norwegian Swims have a simple design in a variety of colors, which makes the galoshen in addition to filling an important practical function also gives the wearer a little color.