ASUS Entices with New Teaser Ahead of CES

The company, which has established itself with their alternative Padfone-series, has news on upcoming CES.
Asus has over the last few years developed their Padfone series, and recently presented a Mini to the series.
In our “Asus New Padfone review: the successful marriage” we pointed out that the Asus distancing itself from competitors’ mindset that smartphone and tablets should be connected at a distance.
On their current Padfone-series Tablet has no functionality without the smart phone, but it may now look to your business will change. They’ve just posted a teaser video ahead of the forthcoming CES exhibition.
The strangeness is perhaps also that both parts have the same size opposite their current Padfone-series, so maybe it will be a further development of their transformer-series that combines portable computing with tablet.
So far, it has to be enough only to conclude that the green color indicates Android, but it will be exciting to see what it is that your company has on the programme on 6 January.