ASUS Have in The Oven a Smart Watch That Will Innovate in Interactivity

Wearable devices are the stars of 2014, or at least that’s the feeling that the majority have brought us the last Mobile World Congress a couple of weeks ago. Few manufacturers are for teaching your letters in that market, and of them some even have been quick to say that they will soon be there.
ASUS confirmed it to a few weeks ago in the words of its CEO, Jonny Shih, which did not stay as to only announce who already worked in a smart watch, but has now given more details about which will be the first wearable from Asus.
The Taiwanese firm wants that users wish to change to a smart watch, and with varied bets in an immature market, Asus promises an innovative device and that you assess the needs of the user. In this field is still much to investigate own Shih says it.
It has transpired that the Asus smartwatch will have a very small screen, and this will require innovation in interactivity, with new controls and more natural user interfaces. Thus, it is rumored that Asus is developing controls using voice recognition and motion detection.
Has also spoken of the reduction of energy consumption, Since Asus believes that a watch that we’ll continuously since needs an acceptable autonomy.
We do not know the operating system which Asus will integrate into your Smart Watch, although we hope to be an option as an accessory for both Asus and other Android devices, and seeing that Google will soon release its SDK of Android for wearable devices, would not be rare think that Asus chooses this option.