Back to School DIY Ideas

Countdown. School starts for all within a few days. All set? Holiday homework completed? You turned supermarkets, hypermarkets and Stationers to find all materials required, trying to Save a little? If you want to give your personal touch to the need for school and want to involve your child in activities that distract him from the usual television, here are a few ideas to accomplish together to make it more fun time for back to school.

There are cases of all kinds, with two or three layers, depicting all the characters most loved by kids. My children, however, you are always taken to the folder even the classic bag with pencils and markers. Make one’s not hard you can do your son, here’s the procedure on Our site.
Speaking of pens and pencils, if you still have any shell that you have after playing following the instructions of our post, take a stick of das, coloured with tempera shells and made a penholder colored for small student Desk.
Also a shoebox can become a container for material suitable for small creators. It’s a simple job can also be made by children in preschool. Just follow the tutorial on crafts.
You want to find an original way to customize the backpack so that your child will lose all the time? Here’s an example. Might also be a nice idea for a small gift to make to friends reunited after the summer.
Finally here’s a rubric for addresses, dedications and drawings of friends, have fun creating the cover as most like you and your baby.