Bandeau Bra Guide: Advantages and Disadvantages

Its name – as well as many other pieces of lingerie – comes from the French. Bandeau in French means “band” or “tape”, and is a word that fits the description of this Basic lingerie piece. The BRA style bandeau is then nothing more nor less than a band of fabric that holds the bust.

Bandeau Bra Guide Advantages and Disadvantages
Bandeau as such, as a structure, such as support, was for the first time in ancient Rome. Women used a long piece of gender (usually cotton or linen) tight around her breasts, achieving an effect of support to the bust while flattening them, according to the most desired silhouette of the season.
After many centuries and already baptized this peculiar name, bandeau Bras caused furor in the Decade of 20 to then gain popularity this time, as part of a swimsuit two pieces that swept the fashion of the 40’s and 50’s.
How is a bandeau?
A bandeau bra is perhaps one of the simplest models of support that exist. See how on this lingerie website.
The basic part is a simple band of elasticised, sewn into a tube shape, material that fits around the breasts of the woman standing across the head.
Although it is very simple, with the outbreak of the lingerie market have multiplied also the options within this model of support. You can find Bras bandeau Soft Cup or Underwire, from simple elastic fabric or more sumptuous genres and with snaps to adjust (both back and front), with pillows or without them, and up to a set of straps to fit as needed.
The advantages of a bandeau
Easy-to-keep – being a bra almost without structure (common of these fasteners not included cups that deforms or straps that become entangled) are very easy to save. Simply fold them gently and presto! In addition, they hardly occupy space.
Ideal as a training bra – style bandeau bras are ideal to help girls to enter in the somewhat intimidating world of lingerie. To be simple and easy to remove, are a good choice for teens and pre teens.
Versatile – bandeau bras are really versatile. You can find them in a wide variety of materials, designs and colours, even find some models that include one or two pairs of straps (one kind and another in transparent silicone, for example), allowing you to transform it depending on your needs.
The disadvantages of a bandeau
Very little support – this feature is obvious just looking at its structure. The support of a bra is given by various aspects of its construction, as the band, the cups and the straps. Style bandeau bra is not characterized by band or glasses very strong (in fact, in almost all models are quite fragile) and, of course, the absence of straps collaborates not too breast support. Therefore, women of large breasts, it is recommended to abstain.
Rapid wear – both the little structure to support the breasts as the elasticity that characterizes the genres used in the manufacture of this type of support They can make wear the piece much more hard and fast, so it will be necessary to take certain steps in the cleaning and conservation of this piece.
If you think that this style is ideal for you, continue reading related articles to learn a little more about this piece of lingerie and what you must keep in mind when buying and caring for a bandeau bra.