Baseball Caps: Hot Trend!

The baseball caps are making head of various fashionistas and trendsetters of the moment and aretotal hot trend to make the look more cheerful, modern and stripped. Baseball caps were already a hitin the 90’s and went well beyond use in baseball and baseball games. They have resurfaced with full force, within the trend of sportswear that has been gaining strength in the fashion scene, as a very stylish accessory to give a “broken” and relaxed in the visual.
I particularly like this cap trend on, especially for bringing an accessory that was initially seen as masculine to the female universe in a creative and modern re-read.
Hats besides beautiful can also be excellent allies on the day that the hair is not without its best day (to tame the hair … .hehehe), are also excellent to protect the skin from the sun rays, in addition to being very phatic, that is , You can complement the look with it or remove it at any time. A look for an open-air stroll, for a day of shopping in the streets, a stripped-down look for the week, a beach, stroll in the park, a stand up paddle training and even a little ballad win a total charm with a beautiful cap. You can combine it with a shorts and a T-shirt or jeans and high heels.
Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Rihanna and Cara Delevingne are some celebs who wear and abuse caps on their looks.
You can find baseball caps in the most different materials: jeans, leather, twill or denim, with stretch, sequins, vinyl, in many colors, with lots of prints, letters, phrases, graphics, embroidery and appliqués.
I have separated some nice models that translate well the tendency to inspire:

  1. FiveBluPrintCap in Dafiti ; 02. New Era Cap in Dafiti , 03. New Era Cap in Dafiti ; 04. John John Cap at JOHN JOHN ; 05. John John Cap at JOHN JOHN ;

Whatever style you’re trying to achieve, you can always count on a baseball cap to complement the look!