Battery: Iphone In The Sight Of The Consumer Protection

The computer manufacturer Apple is advised due to an expensive procedure when the battery for your iPhone mobile in the cross-fire of criticism. The Foundation for consumers and taxpayers rights wrote a letter of complaint, in which she accused the companies to have hidden the 79 dollars (58 euros) expensive procedure under a jumble of information on its Web site, Apple and the telecommunications group AT & T. «««AT & T has the exclusive distribution of the iPhone. arrivals on June 29 in the trade
In the United States more to the iPhone» iPhone in the hardness test » the iPhone guide » activation is already cracked? ««» iPhone may mean next iPhone » Apple moves to promote Apple spokeswoman Jennifer Hakes said the details of the battery were published last Friday on the company’s Web site. The service costs the iPhone owners shipping so $79 plus $6.95 (5,10 euros) and can take three business days to complete. Who do wool without during this time on his iPhone, could be a device for 29 dollars (21 euros) rent. the founder of Santa Monica-based consumer protection Foundation, Harvey Rosenfield, said he took some time to reach the information about the battery. The cell phone industry is notorious for being not consumer-friendly, while Apple has a pretty good reputation, he said. When Apple itself bar a hidden revelation about a technical detail that 20 percent of the purchase price by him at all costs the consumer, this will prove a big mistake. The iPhone costs 499 dollars plus monthly $60 for the AT & T contract. Rosenfield criticized, the battery should be free of charge only in the first year under the warranty. In addition, Apple is apparently soldered battery outside of the standards according to which mobile phone users can switch their used rechargeable batteries without customer service itself. «(AP/ul)» iPhone to the test » Apple releases iPhone Guide