Be Trendy in a Long Sweater

Have in your closet or a long cardigan sweater? If not yet, you should fix it! Long sweater every character, however, it is important to choose the right cut and color.You can carry it to the skirt, the trousers, but you could even dress. 
Get inspired by fashion trends.
1) long Cardigan in grey can be combined with comfortable clothing. Great make up slim pants, shirt and shoes in autumn. You can use it instead of the coat.
2) Long jumper can be combined with riflemi and shirt. Similar to the rustic and natural style will fit the Bill rather light types. Feel free to tune a larger sweater purse. An interesting piece in your wardrobe will be a sweater with an original fastener, and hood, as well as in the figure.
3 If you are planning to buy) cardigan or long sweater, you don’t have to be afraid of or colors. Color sweater a great complement your summer outfit and underline your natural and fresh look.

  • Is the perfect blend of a sweater, a long t-shirt and leggings. This style fits also bigger and original accessories. Get your sweater with pockets, even without an opening.
  • Thinking, how long should a sweater? The more you have the longer legs and a leaner physique, the longer the sweater you can afford. If you combine it with the masculine look, you don’t have to be afraid of or sweater that extends to below the knees.
  • If you don’t have the perfect figure and you are not too high, select the sweater that has pleats at the bottom, or other embellishments. Thanks to this sweater “break” their imperfect character and you will look not only higher, but also leaner.

7) long jumper you can afford to the city, to walk to work or anywhere where it artfully combine.Between favorite colors long sweaters are grey, black and Brown. Indeed, these colors can be best combined.