Beauty Tips for Summer

The first warm spring sun rays can already think of summer. Replace the winter clothes to lighter clothing made in bright colors. You have again wants to exercise in the fresh air. Of course you should think about your beauty. Your skin needs during the spring and summer a different care than in autumn. Likewise, you opt for a lighter makeup.The Vichy makeup are available in many variations for the summer.

Care for the summer

The prime consideration for skin care for the summer is the sun protection.Do not use make-up, but only a day cream, you should make sure that this day cream contains a UV light filter or has a sun protection factor. Not only the face, neck and décolletage you should protect in the summer from the sun. Body parts that are exposed to the sun, you should also protect against the sun. The wide variety of sunscreen agents are available. You should select the sunscreen according to your skin type. For sensitive, fair skin you need care product with especially high SPF. Sunburn is not just annoying, because it is dangerous.

After showering and before bedtime Your skin needs proper care. Sunlight dries out the skin and leads to wrinkles. You should pamper your skin with a good moisturizer. You get special creams that you can apply for a stay in the sun. For the face, neck and décolleté using a night cream.

Wear makeup, you should choose a make-up with SPF. For the summer you include respective products.

As you sweat often in the summer, you will get different sprays that you can use to refresh. Already you feel fresh again. use

  • body spray
  • Refreshment spray
  • Alcohol Free Eau de Toilette
  • Fragrant skin creams.

Makeup for the summer

The make-up may be somewhat stronger than in winter in summer. You can, if you are not tanned by the sun, choose a darker tone. With a lipstick in a hot pink or burgundy tone set perfectly in scene, but you should choose only a subtle eye makeup. For lipstick, nail polish and eye shadow to select beautiful summer colors, but you should make sure that these colors suit your type.


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October 21, 2016

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