Being Tiny and Shallow to Buy in the Children's Section

Always complaining because you’re not high enough for your size petit, and you look at where sometimes is an advantage. Because some low-cost brands have rOPA very cool for girls and kids and if your size let you, you get bargains authentically cool. Let’s look at a few there now.

On blogs lately are spoken of the cat that slippers Zara he copied to Charlotte Olympia (Alexa Chung already took them), and which cost 19.95 euros. Available up to size 38, that is, that many of us use.
Also I’ve loved these boots fringe Minnetonka type or the navajo boots at quite affordable prices, you can buy in Mango.
I that I have always been very dress Tomboy (tomboy if we thin), I love the section of children for shirts, sweaters… The kids are bigger so you can find sizing up to the 164 cm, a height that many adult women have. Of course if I want to buy me a jacket bomber type, in Zara I will go to the child part, where also the prices are cheaper than in the adult version.