Benefits of Vinyl Wallpaper

There are different types of wallpaper “ready to install”

  • the wall wallpaper traditional: printed on a more or less thick paper,
  • the non-woven wallpaper: the carrier consists of polyester and cellulose fibers,
  • vinyl wallpaper: the decor is printed on a PVC layer,
  • the expanded vinyl wallpaper: it has more volume and relief,
  • other paper ready to be less prevalent as the painted velvet flocked wallpaper, the Japanese straw, the metallic wallpaper and painted paper imitation stone, leather, wood…

Vinyl Wallpaper: Matt Or Lacquered

  • Vinyl wallpaper is made of a thin PVC layer adhered to a backing paper holder. This layer receives the impression, and following treatment, the wallpaper will present a matte or glossy appearance.
  • The quality of vinyl wallpaper are numerous, but also depend on the thickness of the layer of PVC and of the manufacturing technique.

Vinyl Wallpaper Very Durable

  • Vinyl wallpaper on is very durable.
  • It is used in every room of the house ( kitchen, bathroom, children’s rooms ): waterproof, it has the properties claimed by the humid rooms,
  • Wallpaper washable, washable and brushable for some.
  • Solid and resistant to abrasion and UV.
  • Camouflages imperfections and cracks of the wall, thanks to its thickness and density, but prefer him still the non-woven paper or expanded vinyl paper if your wall has too many imperfections.

Note: Vinyl wallpaper can not be retained as an ecological paper painted in light of chlorine in PVC.

vinyl Wallpaper Arises: Not Complicated

  • Some vinyl wallpapers are pre glued, no glue is therefore to prepare, or to apply.
  • Others are soaked in a tub of water at the time of installation. Soaking time is still observed.
  • However for the 2 types, removal is easy:
    • initially, the PVC film is torn dry
    • and in a second step, the sub-layer is removed with water or steam.

Vinyl Wallpaper: Affordable

Inexpensive, from € 5, average price of € 8 standard size roll, 0.53 m wide and 10.05 m long.
Inexpensive (dimensions roll standard 0.53 m × 10.05 m):

  • entry level: from € 5,
  • average price of € 8.