Bering Rings-Jewelry With Eclectic Charm

Although it sometimes appears in everyday life, and there is no two days are alike. We notice this already in our own little rituals. While compose a new cereal one every morning, others choose their playlist from the mood and form on the day. I myself love to keep trying out new jewelry combinations. And exactly why are Bering rings made ​​to change as for me.
The wonderfully diverse jewelry Arctic Symphony collection of Bering can serve themselves day after day. Using the Twist & Change system can easily unscrew the wide outer ring light and arrange the narrow inner rings again and again or replace. In this way, the best combinations can be created with different materials and seven different rings obtained in no time at a price.

Favorites in Silver And Rosé

My current favorite is a silver shiny stainless steel ring with two inner rings-the one in ceramic, the other of silver stainless steel with zirconia. The clean, streamlined appearance fits perfectly with my office outfit. Evenings or on festive occasions I like to wear Rosé. Therefore, I am also very impressed by the rose gold ring glitters with delicate braided mesh tape. My girlfriend wears prefer yellow gold and they succumbed to the versatile charm of the wholesale rings. She recently bought an inner ring in a warm brown, I may soon borrow.

Bering Jewelry With Variety

The beauty of the Arctic Symphony collection is yes, that every now and then can treat yourself to a new inner ring or a further outer ring and thus wins many new ways to play. Men also appreciate that, because they have always have a gift idea. I myself just flirting with an inner ring in sparkling silver, the surface of which is processed so that it sparkles around.
The Bering jewelry feels heavy and high quality. For small and delicate hands therefore recommend that narrower rings of collection. Particularly pleasing I find small details that are invisible when worn. So the word “Love” is engraved on the outside of my silver ring in sweeping letters that you only see when you change the inner rings or they completely omit.Some rings have also been working on a margin two tiny zirconia stones.