Best Bedding for Good Sleep

Have you however, how important is the choice of blankets and bedding? Of them depends largely on whether you feel comfortable and that our vacation would be complete. How to choose the most appropriate for us pillows, sheets, pillowcases, blankets? Our team visited metropolitan shop selling linen. Pageant of colors and patterns dazed looks us and immerse in the comfort of our favorite place in the winter cold. It turned out that is not an easy man to stop his attention to a certain thing, because the variety of models, materials and designs is immense. But let’s be more specific. The pillow is essential for our peaceful sleep with bedding sets. It reduces muscle tension and provides effective support for the head and neck. Market sell bags of various shapes and functions – passenger, orthopedic, anatomical, decorative and others. We consulted with dermatologist Dr. Liliana Dikmanova of Varna, which assured us that most bags are already being made with high quality hypoallergenic materials.
Among the most expensive are goose down, which tends not to stepva not be collected in one place does not allow the retention of moisture and at the same time maintaining the heat has natural anti-allergic properties and does not absorb odors. The prices of such cushions reach 50-70 lev Many are hit and pillows with memory foam. It is a high-tech material developed by NASA for US astronauts to guard against large gravitational forces acting on the bodies during the departure of the shuttle. Her name literally means “memory foam” or “retentive memory foam”. Its role is to distribute the weight and pressure evenly over the surface. The pillow of such material did not come cheap – between 70 and 150 lev, but comfort and pleasure worth it. Of course offer and cheaper pillows (between 5 and 30 lev) – silicone or latex filling. They are hygienic and have a natural air permeability, pillow “breathe”. Latex are harder and provide stable support. Duvets are preferred for many families. This season best choose a winter quilt batting. We advise you not reaching for the cheap despite the tempting price of 10 lev for example. Because most likely the material is poor and after a few washes from the quilt will have left a piece of cloth with holes and frayed filling.

Good and quality duvets cost over 25 lev. They are most often silicone fluff, while the largest number of threads predetermines greater strength. To set lower (100%) cotton sheets, two pillowcases and envelope your ready no less than 30-40 lev turns out that Bulgarians prefer the warmer and lighter colors for its bed linen, because it is proven that they soothe and predispose the body to rest.
Paved on the bed, a quality and beautiful bedroom set can resemble a scenic picture. However, if the blanket is your choice, you have again several alternatives not only according to the pattern, but according to the material. The cheapest and relatively warm blankets are fleece (between 8 and 15 lev), the more expensive are those of polyester and acrylic. However, some people can not part with the old galling blanket (Foodanddrinkjournal). Whatever can stop, you should know that if blankets, sheets and pillowcases not be washed often, they easily become a breeding ground for mites. According to the World Health Organisation allergies affect 20% of the world’s population and more than half of the cases are precisely allergies to house dust mites. It’s a little mite animal that lives in the so-called. home dust. Mites are considered some of the most common triggers of asthma. They feed on dead skin cells love to live in warm and hiding places: carpets, mattresses, mattresses, bed linen. Be careful in your choice of bedding advise.
It is an established internist, cardiologist and allergist. He confirmed that inadequate bedding can cause a number of problems if it is bred parasites. Hygienic mattress should be replaced every 5-8 years. “The market has pretty mattresses that have anti-allergic properties. On the more sensitive people they recommend and frequent washing of sheets, blankets and pillowcases to prevent allergic reactions”, said prof. Bozhkov.