Best Cleaning Machines – Opinions and Market Prices

The floor is certainly part of a House, a commercial establishment, an Office or an industrial building that more need to be cleaned frequently because by its nature is in contact with the soles of our shoes which are the main vehicle of dirt and bacteria. The scrubbers solves the necessities of hygiene and cleanliness. Professionally designed templates and domestic for home solves every problem.
Let us be clear, no one likes to clean floors, jump the broom, then the wet rag, fill the bucket, put the detergent, change the water after the first pass, wring the cloth, wipe it. Are all things that harm dulness and the feeling of having wasted time that we would have gladly devoted to each other but we couldn’t because the hygiene of the House or workplace are very important things. Probably a few years ago someone must have thought that wash the floors in the traditional way is boring, tiresome and expensive in terms of time, so it is managed is invented a very important tool for performing housework, the scrubbers. The principle of operation of these machines as described in home devices is as simple as it is ingenious, that they are designed for domestic or professional use in essence allow us to wash and dry the floor with the simple step of our appliance using brushes, water, steam and detergent cleans any surface from elegant parquet wood floor marble, from the carpet to rugs , from linoleum tiles.
Over the years this valid machine created presumably between the late 50 and early 60 spread increasingly undergoing continuous improvements on the part of skilled persons in the cleaning sector which have also investigated special accessories able to optimize its operation even in the most difficult, in the presence of unusual or particularly difficult dirt surface.
The scrubbers in essence allows you to clean any floor in no time and practically solving problems concerning the typical timing of some activities such as those of supermarkets that need to clean large surfaces, in a short time and possibly during opening hours during which there are customers to shop you can not leave the floor wet as you would by washing the floors with traditional methods. The use of scrubbers also made it possible to clean the floors with carpet otherwise difficult to wash.

Domestic and Industrial Sweeper Scrubbers

Depending on the surface to be cleaned and its size there are machines designed to clean them quickly and optimally. Scrubbers for home use are found in several models that allow the floor through a jet of steam sterilizer and vacuuming of dirt dissolved or via two rotary brushes strictly opposed removing dirt from the floor after the tank of the machine is leaking water with detergent. Both types of scrubbers are valid while adopting different techniques are suitable for any kind of floor. Aesthetically some models these machines resemble the classic electric brooms, others have the shape of the classic vacuum cleaners from the ground while others resemble its, these in particular are most suited for carpet cleaning machines much to talk sometimes of vacuum cleaner robot floor cleaner or floor cleaner and steam cleaner.
The industrial scrubbers generally adopts the second cleaning technology, usually has two to four brushes and its size is larger for obvious reasons. All industrial models have larger tanks than brushes and younger sisters for home use, this is because typically must be able to operate for longer on surfaces that are typically larger and dirtier than housewives. Since they are intended for extended use and extended over an area much larger Professional machines are available with a man down, even with men on board. On the latter type of scrubber-dryer there is a seat and a steering wheel that allows the operator to drive the professional floor cleaner without having to walk but while comfortably sitting on it. Industrial models, as some most prestigious for domestic use, also make it possible to wash floors and exterior surfaces; use in these special conditions must be clearly indicated in the manner of use of the machine otherwise you may damage the floor cleaner with this improper use. The many accessories supplied with these sophisticated machines are now often so it can be used in hybrid contexts where the surfaces to be cleaned are different for construction materials.

How to Choose a Sweeper Scrubbers

Choose the model of your new scrubbers is an operation to take it slow, especially if you are making the purchase of this appliance for the first time very good help for cleaning home and work environments. Generally speaking you can consider them as important assessment parameters the tank capacity and power of the machine, with these two values we can somehow consider first of all the quality of walk behind scrubber we face. A larger fuel tank as you assume it’s there from greater autonomy but not only, it also suggests a greater degree of professionalism of the machine which is likely to be better able to withstand working shifts longer than one with lower capacity. A higher power on the one hand there indicates a higher consumption of electricity while the other the ability to obtain steam drier and in a short time; a good compromise in the choice of potency will allow us not to eat too much and having a car anyway.
In case the scrubbers that you are assessing is type vacuum cleaner so the weight of the engine and the tank’s capacity is in your arms an important parameter becomes the weight of Sweeper scrubbers which in the long run, if excessive, you may get tired during your cleaning the floor. Clearly there is a universal law to figure out which is the scrubbers that best suits our needs, but there is the opportunity to evaluate our needs and based on this to calibrate our purchase. If we live in a two-bedroom clearly we won’t have the need to buy the most powerful machine on the market, if not for our habit, as the surface to be cleaned is very limited so the weight and the capacity of the machine will not be influential on the experience of its use. If we have to clean it often, even daily, a small surface, such as a business, a bar or restaurant, while not having the need to purchase a professional machine we will orient our purchase toward a high-performance machine able to thoroughly clean, constantly even with intense use. For large areas, warehouses and industrial buildings, the purchase must be geared towards professional floor cleaner.

Floor Buffer Sale

For the purchase of our new scrubbers can go essentially into three types of tents: supermarket, shop of appliances and consumer electronics and the shop of household goods and household products. Excluding the supermarket which by definition is a generalist, buying into a household appliance store or lets us clearly to be assisted by qualified personnel whose experience we can come in handy to get hints and tips as well as on scrubbing models for sale on how to use the floor cleaner that we intend to buy. Buying on the internet is always a good alternative, here we can find important opportunities for online sales, rates and exclusive products may be coming from abroad. In case we have any questions about the model we want to buy on the internet despite its price is particularly advantageous, we can always go to a shop where it is exposed for sale and evaluate for yourself the workmanship and materials.
One of the most common models of walk behind scrubber is sold through a different distribution channel than internet or retail stores, this type of floor cleaner is sold through the door to door, system through which the representatives of this company around towns and cities offering directly the product that they sell promoting him with a demonstration at home. In the event that we were interested in the commercial agent can request a visit to the area through the internet or by telephone.
For buying and selling professional floor cleaner can be contacted directly to manufacturers or their authorized dealers that they will be able to suggest, according to our needs, what is the most suitable for our needs. Through these same channels we will also purchase spare parts and accessories which we need in the future, as well as enforce the guarantee which covers our professional floor cleaner from faults and manufacturing defects. The manufacturers offer the possibility to make long lasting scrubber rental, so for a monthly fee we can have one or more professional floor cleaner with an initial investment almost nil.

Floor Buffer Prices

Scrubbing prices depend largely on their power, capacity and size, as well as whether designed for home use or professional. An economic floor cleaner for small surfaces and a household costs between 50 and 100 euros as well as accessories for pressure washers through which we can turn these devices into semi professional floor cleaner. For a standard floor cleaner for home with good price takes 100 to 200 euro, generally these machines are also equipped with accessory kit for the cleaning of other parts of the House, such as window cleaning, as well as different sized brushes to clean every corner of the House, even the most distant ones where often builds up more dirt. With over 200 euro may even be about 400 euros you can buy technologically advanced floor cleaner and more efficient, offer to certain areas and models able to clean the House by themselves thanks to electronic management in fact some models are capable of moving independently to the House, do the washing and drying of the floor and then return alone in the charging station.
For the professional cleaning machines cost from a minimum 2,500 euros for a MOP with scrubber and can get to exceed 20,000 euros for scrubbers with men on board. These are the typical scrubbers that we often see prowling in supermarkets while we carry out our purchases. If their price may seem excessive, to make an overall assessment and concrete, it should be noted that with the help of these machines to clean large areas in a short time using only one attendant, this means that the cost of the machine to be repaid in a short time by the lower cost of labor, as to get the same result would have needed more personnel to be employed outside the opening hours.
Following the directions proposed in this guide you can find the best floor cleaner for your needs quickly and easily.