Best Place to Buy Luxury Watches Online

Imagine the perfect outfit with the perfect Assembly of colors, materials and accessories, through no fault of course. Now imagine that same patou outfit of a large and flashy watch… If some see that a simple trifle irrelevant, connoisseurs spot quickly the fault of taste. And as in never vulgar accorded importance to the smallest detail, here is the ultimate guide to choose his watch.

To purchasea watch high-end to complement her wardrobe is, in the same way that the choice of his first suit, a delicate and approach more complex than it seems. If the choice between the nine and the opportunity and the issue of the budget you want to grant him are quickly resolved steps, to decide among the immensity of the brands and collections turns out be more rigorous.
Because the great watchmaking houses watches are available that a minority, my gaze fell directly onthe second hand market, much more affordable, always keeping the sake of a good quality/price ratio.But when we turned to the opportunity, it is important to watch to ensure the quality of models and the reliability of resellers. To help you in this work, following my tips in aesthetic and practical terms.

I. The movements and reference models

Get a high-end, pre-owned or new, watch is a good investment (unless you’re a millionaire, it does not shows change every two weeks). In the case of a first acquisition, will be directed towards models to neutral and minimalist aesthetics: the idea is to be able to wear the watch with the maximum of outfits possible, unless she so adamantly formal record or casual. Need to pay special attention to the mechanism of it: you choose a watch also based on its environment.

1. The Different Movements

In the jargon watch, a movement is the set of parts and mechanisms that can operate the watch. On average, there are 130 parts or “organs” in a mechanical movement. At present, there are three main families of movements according to Jibin123: quartz movement and mechanical movement with manual winding, the mechanical self-winding movement. If we look at traditional watchmaking, the third movement can directly be excluded: very recent (the first model was released in 1969), quartz watches lack a certain authenticity prized by lovers of watchmaking.
Mechanical movement watches, on the other hand, will delight fans. By definition, these work with the Assembly of each body between them: a spring provides the energy necessary for the functioning of the watch. As its name suggests, the wound movement goes back regularly to hand with a Crown. In the automatic movement, the winding is provided by what is called a rotor that rotates through the movement of the wrist.
When you start from scratch, we generally orients self-winding models. If she is often thicker than the manual, the automatic watch also offers greater freedom. Indeed, it provides that the door to wind it every day. On the other hand, an automatic movement stops after a few days if the watch is not worn.All of these elements are taken into account before any purchase.

2. Three Iconic Brands

It is difficult to make a choice among all watchmakers and their watches, more beautiful than the other.To complete this exercise, I focused on the timeless and versatile models appearance. (It was impossible to concentrate here on the price/quality ratio: I chose to select the designs here are the three that caught my attention):
Born in 1884 in the Bernese Jura, the range high watchmaking House Breitling has since proven, particularly in the aviation world in which its watches have often served as chronometers. The Navitimer, for example, is one of the best-known automatic movement watches.
The first model of the collection was born in 1952. Its symbolic calculation of the world of air navigation bezel gives it today a vintage look and a huge stamp. As his box is large enough and its dial rich in detail, it will be better to wear this watch with a minimalist outfit with little of textures and patterns.

B. Patek Philippe and his timeless Calatrava

Another prominent Swiss watchmaking House: Patek Philippe was founded in Geneva in 1839 and probably his fame to his many patents and the success of many of its models. However, the range which marked the rest the Calatrava spirits which the first model came out at the beginning of last century, in 1932.
Inspired by the Bauhaus art movement, the watch is very simple, almost elementary. For a sober and perfectly retro effect, it will opt for the model 3919 to the grid gold case and discreet numerals. By choosing a black leather strap, this model, minimalist, will be with any kind of outfit, as long as it is elegant.

C. Nomos and his famous tangent

The German this time, but always with respect for the traditions of the movement Bauhaus, Longines Nomos was created very recently, in 1990. History of the brand is all the air from most watchmakers of the 19th century: the company started with 4 employees in workshops lost in the countryside of Saxony, in Glashütte precisely. Its offer is clear: prodigiously minimalist products and but with a real stamp.Their flagship model is The Neomatik tangent.

II. how to buy his watch of opportunity on the Internet?

If moving towards the second hand market present of the advantages in terms of price, the approach has risks against which any buyer must guard. If you are looking for a first high-end to opportunity watch, know take precautions in order to avoid bad surprises. Scams exist and Internet is a true playground for scammers.

1. Well his vigil and determine good prices

Above all, it is necessary to conduct a little research information.
Learn about the model you want to buy and its different characteristics: bargain price range, the new price range, the year of publication, complications, etc.
If a visit to the official website of the brand is mandatory, a turn to sites like The side of watches will retrieve information about the popular watch. With a maximum of information on the watch in question, you will be able to determine the bargains and anticipate the potential scams.
Then, visit sites to have access to a wide variety of models and dealers. For example the choice between specific dealers or professional opportunity. You will also have the opportunity to discover variations of awards granted to a specific model of one reseller to another and can determine the price that seems fair for the popular watch.