BlackBerry: We Expect to be Profitable in 2016

Earnings must be created through growth and no layoffs. New security center opens in Washington DC.
After the last dismal quarterly report that showed losses for the button 24 billion kroner had Director John Chen, a talk with a small group of journalists and analysts, here he told that the coming year will be critical for BlackBerry and that it will be a investeringsår.
He also told that the investments supposedly don’t want to include more layoffs. He expects that its cash flow will go to zero in 2015 and that they can be profitable in 2016, this objective must be achieved through growth and not cost savings through layoffs-“if he can avoid it”, so there are no guarantees.

BlackBerry must focus even more on providing services to large companies. Phones to be built in collaboration with Foxconn and raised a whole new security technology center in Washington, D.c., where you will be working with large customers in Government, including the Department of Defense.
John Chen is now also Director of the company, the temporary part of the title is removed and he is sitting as the man in the big Chair in the near future.
His goal as temporary Director was to pull the company out of the financial crisis they sat in. Although he did not claim it is done yet, he tells that they are on the right path.