Blokis Challenges to Our Intelligence to Destroy Blocks of Colors in All Directions

Possibly one of the most creative genres in the world of video games is puzzles and wit. There are proposals of all kinds and the truth is that it is difficult to innovate getting new ideas and are also attractive. Between the giant fan, which also comes to Android, we have Blokis.
Under this name, we have a proposal that we have seen in hundred of times: Group three blocks or more to destroy them. However, the way to achieve it will make us stop to think enough, but not much because time is of the essence in each game.
Each game, little more than one minute, we will challenge to remove all the blocks from the Board. Each of them has an arrow that indicates in which direction will move if you don’t find anything. To destroy them, just have that shed other pieces from the framework that delimits the zone.
That said, it seems simple. However, the position of the tabs that we can not always move we will be favorable to glance by what we have that search combinations to bring together all colors thanks to the directional arrows and other extras that we have at our disposal.
The difficulty curve is quite friendly and makes it easy to start playing, but difficult to move forward and overcome the 96 levels having Blokis. The idea is very well raised, the graphics are quite colorful and the controls are intuitive.
Behind this very creative idea, we have a soundtrack that does not have the same degree of inspiration. Repetitive and somewhat tiresome, is perhaps the only Achilles heel of a fun game if you like games of intelligence.
Some graphic details could be polished more but by the mechanics well worthwhile opportunity. Blokis is free, But if we want to play the four complete worlds we have to pay a little less than one euro to unlock them.

Blokis Version 1,206

  • Version of Android: Since 2.1
  • Developer: Discrea
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Games