Blouses Body Types

Tips for every figure
Without question: Everyone is unique, both in character and in appearance. By fitting clothing can be physical “pluses” perfectly underline, but just emphasize unloved “deficits”. Here are some tips for flattering clothes:

  • The ideal collar shape is opposite to the face shape. For example, a long square collar should be chosen with a round face.
  • High-cut armholes flatter any figure.
  • For women with larger bust size are blouses with bust darts advantageous as flowing or Lycra-containing materials.

Curvier body
Ideal for a curvy body are loosely cut blouse, for example wrap blouses. In ornaments and flourishes should be largely dispensed with, as a very thin fabrics and hems that end on fülligsten part of the hips. Deep V-necks, small collars or a narrow lapel leave the upper body appear narrower. Blouses with bust darts and natural shoulder line gives a flattering, as soft fabrics, alluding to the curves without emphasizing too much.

Small body
Small women should rely on simple, well-fitting blouses. Blouse models with a high waist lengthen your legs look. Stand-up collars, seams and high-necked blouses ladies let the body look bigger, well flowing fabrics. If possible, the same colors for the top and bottom part should be chosen. Stiff fabrics, midriff blouses and models with too many details are less suitable.
Young Misty Body
Narrow men’s shirts, women’s blouses with empire waist or blouses with narrow V-cutouts accentuate the silhouette. Exhibited short sleeves, Blouses with breast pockets, ruffles and details on the chest, wide collars and lapel collar pretend wealth. Blouses models with raglan or kimono sleeves should be avoided as well as rigid materials and bulky details. In small bust should be dispensed with tight-fitting tops.
Broad shoulders
In figure types with broad shoulders, the upper body is stretched by raglan or set-in sleeves, dark tops and narrow V-necklines, as well through blouse with a narrow lapel or narrow collars. Shoulder concrete end details should be avoided. These include, for. Example, wide collars, puffed sleeves, shoulder pads, patch pockets, horizontal seams, square and very open operation. Also wrap blouses and ladies’ blouses from shiny fabrics are less advantageous in broad-shouldered figures.
Narrow shoulders
Unlike figures with broad shoulders should be emphasized by details here shoulders. Models with shoulder pads, inset sleeves with a slightly hyperextended shoulder blouses with puffed sleeves or gathered sleeves emphasize the shoulders and enlarge it optically. Also Beware, breast pockets and wide V-necklines, wide collars, sailor collar and rising lapel collar suitable for an emphasis on the shoulders. Equally flattering wrap blouses shoulders. Raglan or kimono sleeves, ruched Cutouts and strapless blouses Carmen are against less suitable for narrow shoulders.
You want to try our blouses tips equal?
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