Blouses for Different Body Types


Special shape blouses Body

The blouses Body or Body blouse is characterized by its combination of Body and blouse in a sense a special type of women blouse. He is cut like a classic blouse, but as a body is buttoned together in step. The Body blouse always fits perfectly and prevented especially in deep-seated pants the annoying slipping out of the blouse from the waistband. Their slim fit blouse body is very physical and is used in combination with high heels and pencil skirt professional and feminine at the same time.

Distinction to arm shape

  • Sleeveless blouse
    A blouse without sleeves is our favorite for hot summer days. She seems cool and casual, and therefore should not be necessarily taken to formal occasions. For evening wear, however they can, depending on the model fit very well. For women with larger bust size are sleeveless blouses especially flattering.
  • Plus size blouse
    Also Hoticle has long been an indispensable part of the summer fashion and can be combined very differently depending on the occasion. Unlike the sleeveless blouse, a short-sleeved blouse can certainly put in the office and the costume or suit. During leisure, it may be a bit more daring color, but in the office at formal occasions should be rather resorted to more subtle pastel shades. Plus size with floral designs are particularly well suited as eye-catcher for the next garden party.
  • Blouse Cap Sleeve
    Blouse with wing sleeves are similar to the short-sleeved blouse and a sleeveless blouse blouses variant for the summer. Cap sleeves seem chic and modern and are the shortest sleeve form that can be taken without hesitation even at conservative events.
  • Blouse with ¾ sleeves
    ladies blouses with ¾ sleeves are perfect for seasonal transition periods. The sleeves go up under the elbow and covered airy and light through the mostly missing finish cuff. Combined with a blazer or sweater are suitable blouse with ¾ sleeves also good for cold days in spring or autumn.
  • Long sleeve blouses
    getaways, city trips and long day trips: What’s the right clothes at uncertain temperatures? With the long sleeve, you are always well dressed. Depending on the temperature can roll up their sleeves as well as a classic long sleeve wear. Optical flatter long sleeve blouses each figure, while the sleeve width, however, should be as narrow as possible cut.
  • Blouse with raglan sleeves
    The so-called raglan close the shoulder with one that seams run diagonally into the collar seam to the base of the neck. These sleeves form goes back to Lord Raglan (1788-1855), who wore a jacket as Field Marshal in the Crimean War, in which the sleeves were obliquely attached to the collar seam. Raglan, who had lost in the battle of Waterloo an arm could easily put in this way with an arm on his coat. The first mention of the term “raglan” in 1862 in the English literature.
  • blouses with kimono sleeves
    has Based on the Japanese kimono this uncommon arm shape originated in Asia. Sleeves and front part made ​​of a single-section part.


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June 29, 2016

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