Bra and Panties Sets for Plus Size

Is there any woman who is not crazy about lingerie? As well as shoes and handbags, panties and bras also occupy the female head with thousands of options. So do I. The lingerie is the first piece of clothing we choose when we get dressed. But we always get into trouble: which to use? Comfort, attitude, sensuality… there are so many types! The men do not understand why it took us so long to get ready, but this is an important step to women! The lingerie is part not only of the female wardrobe as well as history. Hidden under many layers of rags for centuries, it became an object of protest in early 1960s when feminists burned bras in public as a sign of liberation, then it turned into the icon of seduction in the 1980s when pop star Madonna wore it on the stage. In late 1990s, no-holds-barred appeared and this new millennium is full of technological assets. According to Freud, the relationship of eroticism and the underwear is nothing more than the fetish, or spell, and this happens when the personal satisfaction appears through objects or ornaments. The lingerie arouse the imagination of women and sharpen the fantasy of men!

Anyway guys, as you’ve noticed today’s the talk is of little woman and we want to talk about a brand that is our “little friend” from the time we were teenagers: Valisere. The history of this brand started from 1913 in France when the children of Madame Auguste Perrin, who owned a traditional female glove company, decided to join in creating the underwear Valisere. Apparently the name chosen for the new brand was inspired by the city where the company was headquartered, Val d ‘ Isère, a small city in the Isère Valley. It is no less than the French are passionate about lingerie, and it’s time to invest in a nice set of bra and panties! The brand came to Brazil in 1934 and from then on, it is always famous for its quality, comfort and design of the products. Just like the slogan: “the first bra you never forget.” created by advertising executive Washington Olivetto in the 1987 campaign.

In consideration of contemporary woman, who always likes to be new and ready for any moment of life, Valisere has just released the collection Jolie. Versatile and romantic, the new collection of mom bra brings pieces that silhouette the woman with delicate and harmonious contrasts. We went on Valisere in Shopping Campo Grande and checked the news that it has already come in the store. The outfits have various sizes, prints and fabrics to suit all tastes. And it is worth to mention that we found several pieces with a good price and several nice suggestions!

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May 9, 2016

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