Bread Dumplings: Recipe for True Bavarian Fans

Without the perfect bread dumpling recipe goes in Bavaria Nix! How to prepare the traditional dish from the Free State very easily at home, we tell you here with a recipe from the cookbook “Servus Bayern – so it tastes dahoam”. So access to cooking spoon and kitchen apron…

To Schweinsbratn with mushrooms (mushrooms) or just with a lot of guader known – a good dumpling recipe belongs in every Bavarian kitchen. In “Servus Bayern – so it tastes Dahoam”, the Cookbook by Monika Schuster and Anna Cavelius, is therefore explained exactly how you can make the dumplings of the Bavarian at home:

Easy To Cook: Bavarian Bread Dumplings Recipe

Ingredients for the Bavarian bread dumplings (4 people):

150 milliliters of milk

300 grams of ready-cut dumpling bread (from the bakery or from the grocery store. Alternative: Slice old cakes

1 large onion

4 to 6 Stängerl smooth parsley

2 tablespoons butter

4 medium-sized eggs


Black pepper from the mill

Freshly grated nutmeg

Half a bunch of chives

The Bread Dumpling Recipe In Three Steps

1) Heat the milk lukewarm. Pour dumpling bread in a bowl with the milk over it, let it take 5 minutes. Dice the onion finely, wash the parsley, shake dry and chop coarsely. Melt butter in a frying pan, fry the onion in it for 3 minutes, then stir the parsley.

2) Whisk eggs and add the onion mixture to the dumpling bread. Season with salt, pepper and nutmeg, mix vigorously, and let it move for ten minutes. Into the mass and each portion with moistened hands to form a dumpling.

3) In a large saucepan, boil plenty of water, salt. Simply put dumplings in the water and cook for about five minutes, then lay the lid on and let the dumplings gently drag for 20 minutes in low heat. Wash the chives, shake them dry, cut into rolls and sprinkle the dumplings with them.

Tip: The amount of milk can vary in cooking this bread dumpling recipe depending on the dumpling bread.

About the cookbook: “Servus Bayern”

Down to Earth, maybe a little crude, but with certainty very tasteful she is, the Bavarian cuisine. And it enjoys great popularity far beyond the borders of Germany. If, besides the excellent and above all simple bread dumpling recipe, you also want to finally know how a genuine Bavarian Schweinshaxn, fresh Radisalat or Siaße Zwetschgendatschi are prepared, with “servus Bayern” will have its bright pleasure. But the recipe book also shows that the Bavarian cuisine has even more to offer than the traditional pretzel and veal. Festive recipes such as veal bries with asparagus and morels or char with Zweife root spinach should also make the lovers of more unusual dishes sit up.

Appetite for Bavaria makes the book, however, not only through his recipes, which has helped Cook and kitchen master Monika Schuster. There is also insight into the Bavarian way of life: Author and journalist Anna Cavelius describes in short stories why Bavaria’s beer garden culture is sacred, a Weißwurscht can only be eaten until noon and what meaning celebrations in Free State. And if you lose track of all the south German singsong, you can get back on track with the Bairisch interpreter at the end of the cookbook.

And how does the cookbook come to its readers? The “Servus Bayern” consistently have a positive rating. “Good recipes and Bavarian cuisine in little stories told. Very good, “writes a user on Amazon, while another one even thinks:” The recipes are beautiful, simple and easy to understand, so that the post-cooking is also possible for beginners without any problems. What I like most is that they are really recipes, as they were cooked and cooked by grandma. ”

But if you want to convince yourself: “Servus Bayern – so it tastes Dahoam” by Monika Schuster and Anna Cavelius costs 19.99 euros and is available for example via

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