Bright Outdoor Furniture

Open-plan living is the trend! Even the room-in-room concept is becoming more common. Bathroom and bedroom just go into each other as kitchen and living room. In the warmer months, it makes sense to also to create smooth transitions from the inside out. This is achieved, for example, with a light on an open patio door, or with bright furniture thatboth in the inside and outside can be placed. In the event area, the light objects have long no longer a secret and pull now also on private garden parties admiring glances.


Whether table, chair, stool or sofa-light furniture create with their bill in the garden a magical atmosphere. But they are not only decorative lighting objects, but at the same time also very practical, because they provide extra seating. Attached to the luminaires they are integrated lamps in their interior. The bulbs are mostly to robust LED s with low heat generation and energy-efficient light bulbs. In particular, LED s with programmable color changes make for great lighting effects. Some models also feature a dimming function. Indirect light sources are available in many different sizes and colors.


Special eye are also illuminated vases and planters, which often exist as the Light furniture plastic or polyethylene.Equipped with wireless battery or power cable, they can be employed to relatively mobile. But regardless of whether one opts for bright accessories or furniture – for their outdoor use, the illuminated furniture should have at least the degree of protection IP 44, UV and be temperature-resistant and have sufficient stability.