Bubble Chat: Fat iOS-Alternative to Facebook's Messenger

With fresh colors, Fluent user interface and enhanced functionality, Bubble Chat a worthy competitor to Facebook Messenger.
Facebook’s own Messenger app for iOS is almost just updated with new iOS 7-look, there also have been given new functionality and opening link directly from the official Facebook app.
After the update the Messsenger app looks like now preinstalled Messages app that iOS users are already using for SMS, MMS and iMessage.
But if you are going for a more personalized experience, you should take a look at the app “Bubble Chat”, which has recently come out for iOS devices.
Neat, fluid and free
Bubble Chat is free from the App Store, and offers “in-app” purchases which provide additional customization options. When you start the app, you will also be prompted to allow access to Facebook-content and push notifications.
Are all your conversations with a migrate in a nice overview, which also shows your profile image as the background at the top of the left corner.
The app works very like you already are accustomed to from Messenger, and also has a special function.You can, in fact, in addition to message, picture and sound draw a drawing as in the same way will be sent to the person you are chatting with.
Bubble Chat is also fully supported by the latest features from iOS 7, as navigation back from the left edge of the screen, stunning animations and minimalist design.
Under “Settings” you can order 7 DKK buy access to a “fully customizable version”, which gives even more opportunity for customization of look and feel.
The app is free and can be downloaded from the App Store here.