But Ultimately… What's a Smart Watch?

A little more than a year after its launch, Google has justannounced some new features to its range of Android Wearsmart watches. The company unveiled a new Wi – Fi function and a tool of creation of emoji.
Thanks to these new features, Google likely hopes to offer a better competitionApple Watch.
The figure who runs currently has that Apple, the first day of the launch of its smart watch, would have exceeded the sales established by Google for 2014 in the United States year-round. The first commercial success ofApple Watch seems to have brought the competitors, including Android Wear, to lower the prices of their own products.
But if Apple won the first battle, she seems far from winning the war.
A product to “revolutionize the company unions”?
The humorist Pierre Croce recently released its own version of advertising ofApple Watch, an ‘honest version ‘. Although humorous, the video contains a what seems to be consensus among several techno experts have been testing the new Apple product: the consumer is not really need a smart watch.
For Nilay Patel, editor of the magazine The Verge, “Although theApple Watch is currently the best shows on the market, it is not yet clear to find a meaningful».
As a consumer, I also find it difficult to know what it does in practice. At least, which would justify to shell out nearly $500 while I pay nearly $1,000 per year for my cell phone plan.
So, convince a majority of experts and consumers of the added value of their product will be the challenge to Apple and other manufacturers of smart watches. In my opinion, new features should be added for this purpose.
In 2014, Apple sold $ 169 million of iPhone worldwide, according to insidewatch. However, we must remember that this smart phone, introduced in 2007, had reached sales of 1.4 million units for the year in full. It is only 400 000 more than 1 million units ofApple Watch ordered from the United States on the first day of launch. It is still a great start!