Buy Good Walking Shoes

Walking is becoming increasingly popular and rightly so, because we understand that nature is good for us. Combine that with good exercise and it is not surprising that we then try to go. If you occasionally take a walk is sometimes excessive, but if you do it regularly, it is not wrong at all to think about walking shoes. A good pair of walking where you walk the carefree kilometers are anything but Nice is also important for your health.

Shoes of all shapes and sizes

Boots is like other shoes in all shapes, sizes and price ranges and if you don’t know much, you actually do not know which one to choose. Often win attractive looking shoe and then it is really not the right way to get the right walking shoes. Walking it is in so many ways and of course hear all different types of shoes on.To a shoe must sit still also plays a role. But where do you need to look at and how to continue when you are standing in the store?

The right to go shoe

They’re not weird stuff, but it’s wise to take.

  • Start by looking on the internet or anywhere tests is read back. For all types of products are exported regularly test and the results you can possibly give a direction.
  • For the first time, not just buy yourself a pair of boots, but go to a specialty store. He can also give you advice. In addition, good walking shoes are not cheap, so protected that you have proper walking shoes.
  • While it may be nice and quiet in the store, it is still not advisable to buy shoes in the early morning. This is true for all shoes. In the morning, your feet are narrower and more as the day goes on, put your feet slightly.
  • Select the shoe that’s right for you. See below separately cup?? what the?? go there.
  • If you think you know what shoes you should have, makes for good stockings. Socks that you would wear when you go hiking. You do not have this rule also in the store.
  • Look carefully at the size, not too big and not too tight. Usually the size one size larger than normal shoes, but you should just be able to stop your finger behind the foot in the shoe. Too would push much and too little can mean tight shoes from
  • Have you found a good shoe, then set to let impregnate your shoes. It is also good for maintaining your shoes.
  • Of course you like regular shoes, running shoes also must maintain. Tune in to a specialist so you can use it best.

The boots are there?
The type of the walks vary enormously. A light shoe, for example if you make a daily walk with the dog for real climbing shoes in the mountains. There are four categories, namely:

  • A: good for the daily walk with the dog.
  • B: medium to high and is suitable for walking on mountain trails and hikes.
  • C: even swords and control high boots. Suitable for the more difficult and backpack trips.
  • D: it pretty hard climbing shoe. Very nice for a walk succeeds, in principle, these shoes are usually very hard.

Finally, you also have something between groups A/B and B/C not for nothing so it is wise to seek advice.
Then make the choice to be waterproof and windproof materials. This they call Gore-Tex. Sweat leaves your foot, but there is no moisture inside. 100% waterproof, however, this shoe is not. Note also the profile of the shoe. A good profile is almost always better.


A walking shoe you don’t buy the beautiful, but there is not much that a shoe is beautiful. A walking shoe should be appropriate for the activities that you do with it and should keep the shoe longer. The quality of the shoe is also of interest. Finally, there are different brands and they all have some advantages and disadvantages. Advice and how you feel about a shoe on my feet, must decide what it will be. Many pleasant walks to you!