Buying Guide for School Backpacks

The new school year is just around the corner, says Peter Jordan, General Secretary of our site, and families, in addition to the already substantial expenditure for the purchase of textbooks, they are having to face the added cost of the kit ” school “. For a basic set consists of knapsack (trolley, extendible or American), “triple” case (complete with pens, pencil, sharpener, eraser, crayons and markers), diary, two large notebooks into squares and two lines, this’ year spending can get to graze 200 €. However big retail chains and e-commerce allow you to make alternative packages, not designer, with budget contained between 35 and € 65.
Although the difficult economic times make certain the price factor in the purchasing decisions of most consumers, however our site invites to not overlook the quality of the products and materials they are packaged: a case too cheap may wear out quickly and can contain pens, pencils, crayons and markers of poor quality; an extremely cheap backpack will be uncomfortable to wear and due to back pain.
Backpack, in particular, as well as representing the most significant cost item in the kit school, is indeed very important for the child / young healthy which will use it. Here, therefore, are some tips for choosing a sufficiently strong and comfortable backpack.
– Dimensions. The size must be right: too big a backpack does not guarantee a good distribution of the load on your back. The base, once the straps adjusted, should not fall below the hips.
– Backrest. Preferable models with reinforced bottom and rigid backrest, which allow to have the weight closest to the spine, improving the center of gravity and distribution of the load on his shoulders. Better still if the backrest are anatomically shaped and made ​​of breathable material.
– Bins. The internal compartment separation keeps the load closer to your back even when the backpack is full. It prevents the books, moving excessively, they can be damaged.
– Braces. The shoulder straps should be wide and padded, in order to make more comfortable the transport and distributing better the pressure on his shoulders.
– Belt. The lap belt is a very useful accessory that, when properly connected, allows to keep the backrest attached to the spine and to download some of the weight on the pelvis.
– Fabric. The fabric should be resistant and tear-proof. Better if waterproof retro bags, to protect the books in case of rain.
– Handle. The handle must be robust, easy to grip and fixed in a manner not to cause tears in the fabric under the weight of the books.
– Trolley. The backpack-trolley offers the advantage of carrying the load dragging. However, the cart makes this type of backpack heavier than the others, and is therefore well use it exclusively as trolley, avoiding the carrying on the shoulder.