Buying Smartphone Online

In ForoMóviles we are fanatics of mobile telephony, as you have been able to deduce just taking a quick look at the articles we publish (and possibly also the name of the blog you will have done to the idea).
In this and in other blogs bemoob desgranamos all details of the most important phones on the market, and others who call our attention because we see their true potential.
Now, whenever we analyze a device you attach a link to the respective trade purchase, so you can make you with him so online without having to leave home.
And it is that in the XXI century we are, the online trade has made their way into our lives, so that we do not have to download or even for the bread to the store under house but a click us bring the dealer supermarket along with the rest of the purchase of the week.

To- face purchases have to reinvent themselves, that is clear. Every time they are losing more followers, especially in the technological landscape, which is what concerns us in this blog. Therefore, we put on the table pros and cons of both forms of trade, classroom and online.
Starting with the shopping online , we could emphasize the comfort , inherent in the acquisition from our house without having to move to the nearest phone shop. To this we could add the generally lower prices that have these stores, logical by lower local labor costs and they have.
Now the online buying has a very clear paste, such as not being able to touch the product until it reaches our hands. This problem is compounded when buying smartphones, since until not desprecintamos the product can not buy it , and you sound sure that “once unsealing no refunds”.
Another downside that we can get to buy phones online is the processing of the guarantee in case of failure covered by it. We’ll have to wait to pick up their home or send us the manufacturer, with the disadvantage that we have to wait quite a while to get him back.
Finally, we will point out the advantage the fact that we have a greater number of smartphones in online shops. Whether smartphone operating systems for all major (such as Windows Phone or Blackberry OS), or we can import from China such as Xiaomi or Doogee.
Now, the physical sale still a large number of incentives, which come to cover the points where online sales more falters.
First of all is obvious: in a store can tinker with the product. While it may not be able to turn the mobile exposed; either because it is a model, or because then it could be sold; we can feel the touch what the phone and sensations that gives us.
Also, we can compare various models in hand . For example, we can see if we find it a lighter Huawei P9 or Samsung Galaxy S7, or if the fingerprint sensor is in a comfortable position for us.
Moreover, we can process the easiest way guarantee that e-commerce. With the ticket or the bill we can leave the phone and ensure that no take several days to get service.
But surely we not have as attractive prices as we could provide sites like Amazon or the like. Of course, we ensure that when we buy mobile we took him home, and we have to be aware of courier companies.
Finally, and not least important, we can pay cash at a physical store. For most of you who are reading this post will be indifferent, but think that there is still reluctant to give details of your card online people, or to use alternatives like PayPal.
And I said, we can only terminate the post. Can you let us in the comments your opinion on it, or other reasons why to buy phones in physical stores or electronic stores.