Calzedonia Fitness Collection 2016

If even during the daily training you also want to be fashionable, the new “Fitness Collection” of Calzedonia for spring-summer 2016 will definitely up your alley!
The thought of having to replace the slippers with the sneakers and go from the couch to the gym is always annoying. Then, however, we feel attractive, energetic and invincible. A stimulus to begin the workout, with the summer season upon us, it is certainly to be able to flaunt an outfit that is worthy of our style, even during training! And Calzedonia, with its new “Fitness Collection”, turns out to be a great place to start.

In fact, it seems that in Sandro Veronesi Group, which also includes part Tezenis, Intimissimi and Falconeri, the sports line is becoming really protagonist, perhaps even complicit the good intentions of getting back pre-summer forms. Calzedonia is a popular brand, and later, because it takes care of women 360°: from socks to tights, from clothing lines dedicated to costumes, the group’s collection is always one of the most anticipated, because it offers all you need for make your own look just unique!
As stated by the Verona brand, has always specialized in the production of stockings, tights and clothes in fashion field, research is increasingly targeted towards specialization.
The  new line is called Fitness Collection and includes leggings that cover and envelop the curves of the body with elegance, without forgetting the fundamental element: the comfort. Comfortable clothes, versatile and much alive, perfect to accompany you on your adventures, both in the gym and during outdoor activities! Once again, the brand has been able to create a fresh, young design, mainly characterized by leggings, a leader must have the wardrobe, a cult of the collections of Calzedonia recent years. The brand becomes a leader apparently totally basic and very casual in a real pant, which happens to be perfect for any event and occasion!
Exceptional godmother of the new sports range is the wonderful French model Camille Rowe, showing gracefully all the beauty and practicality of the new line of the brand.

Comfort, style synonymous

Inside the catalog there are both the simplest models, enhanced with fluorescent pink and green inserts applied to blacks models at, or more elaborate, such as those with  geometric elements contrasting.  Mainly targeting the race, some reflective details have been added to allow visibility even in the evening hours. In addition to the ankle-length leggings and just below the knee, we also find super short models, to make the sporting experience at the top without neglecting style! The only thing to be checked, is to wear them in a pleasant way and without overdoing it, always remembering that arise as socks!

Calzedonia Fitness Collection: STAY FIT!

The new fitness leggings proposed by Calzedonia put the welfare and comfort in the first place: the collection boasts of quick drying properties of the head, and it’s also been designed to ensure and promote perspiration, thanks to a special finishing. All garments are designed specifically to make sure that the moisture is transported outside. They are also characterized by retinal inserts at the points of greatest perspiration and to further enrich the models, we also find the  mini pockets in strategic points, useful to have the essential “at hand” during physical activity! The belly, the hips, the waist, the waist: the materials used, design and detail, Calzedonia explains that everything is under control in the ultimate in comfort and (of course) style.