Captive Looks Girls Plus Size To Imitate

While some years ago the fashion revolved around a certain stereotype of body, being models of very high and extremely thin figure, the prototype of beauty supported by this industry, today things have changed, and although the runways models, street style imposed by fashionistas and bloggers still reigning the delgadimas It is very inclusive and militant in the cause to expand what we mean by beauty.

We show you 10 examples of worthy plus size women to imitate, considered the most influential fashionistas today about fashion, trends and style, for all types of women.

1 Franceta Johnson.

One of the women most chic of street fashion, usually prefer the basic and is adept at making an outfit to work in fashion and simple way. Great promoter of the boyfriend jeans.

2 Gabi Fresh.

It is one of the women takes more time in the blogger world. It has a very own style, influenced by modernity but with playful touches.

3 Chastity Garner-Valentine.

One of the most feminine girls in the fashion world, has a very classic style, with romantic touches. Their plus size outfits inspired by Kim Kardashian, who is also a curvy body.

4 Jay Miranda.

It has a very varied style, we admire it because it is not afraid to try new trends, such as the maxi prints and bright colors.

5 Stephanie Swicky.

This girl fashinosta is enviable, because besides showing us her style staff to dress, shows us his life in France, and teaches us to integrate parts of French style to our everyday style.

6 Margie Ashcroft.

It has an impeccably youth style, rocker and disruptive. It is simple and chic, not it takes refuge in simple clothes that make her see more, it is bold and audacious.

7 Tanesha Awasthi.

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February 8, 2018

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