Caring for the Baby on the Beach

Many mothers, when their babies are still very young, have some fear in taking them to certain places. However, if all the necessary precautions are taken, your baby, even for a few months, can accompany her in many activities.

Caring for the Baby on the Beach

Experts say that from 2 months of age a baby can go for a walk to the beach, and from 6 months, you can even make a beach in the morning or afternoon.

However, you should only do so while respecting some important care. After all, we are talking about a newborn child.

Know here the various care you should have with the baby on the beach.

Choice of beach

When choosing the beach where you want to go with your baby, you should check the sand and water conditions. The beaches that have the essential conditions of public health are pointed out.

A polluted beach can cause various illnesses in your baby, especially at a time when you are building your immune system.


At this point in the life of a baby, exposure to the sun should be limited to hours at which it is less intense. The baby’s skin is still very young, and can easily burn.

So if the most suitable time for people in general is in the morning, until 11 o’clock, and in the afternoon, after 4 o’clock, a baby should only go to the beach until 10 o’clock and after 5 o’clock.

However, being on the beach does not mean that it should be exposed to the sun. In summer, for example, often at 9 o’clock in the morning already the sun is very hot and can burn.

Sun exposure

A baby is not an adult, and as such, can not catch the sun as an adult does. On the beach, keep your baby in a cool nightgown with a hat on his head so he does not catch the sun directly on his body, just on his arms and legs.

Do not leave it too long in the sun, preferring the hat umbrella. On the beach, the grains of sand reflect the sunlight, and even in the shade he will catch the necessary light.


Sunscreen suited to the skin and age of the child is a must. Even if he keeps himself clothed in a piece of clothing, always get the protector across the body in order to keep him totally protected from the damaging action of the sun’s rays.