Carp Fishing in Winter Tips

Fishing for carp in the cold time of the year is much different than when the Sun is shining during the warm months. CARP are much less active and often keep hidden in secret places. You can’t wait for spring and you are eager to go to the water? It can, and it is also weldegelijk possible to catch a carp in the winter, but it requires a specific approach would you good luck!

Hot spots in winter

It is difficult to say in what place carp lurking on the water where you are at that moment. At each water may in fact be different. It is often thought that the CARP the deepest parts of the water looks to Hibernate in. Shows that in many cases don’t have to be. The best places are often the places where the cold is not so quickly turn on the water, places that are sheltered from the wind. One can think of drums and bridges, or hanging branches over the water. Besides, even dense reed beds are ideal for carp.

Tracking the Sun

In places where the wind is out of the water, and where the water is less deep, Sun can provide in a short time for a temperature difference. Particular on the place where the wind can’t move the water can quickly give a few extra degrees. CARP will be only too happy to take a place where the sun shines into the water. So always make sure, before you decide the best cuttings, that it actually will be the Sun may rise. A hot spot of the wind in combination with sunlight can hardly miss.

Win the Raas for carp

Is blooded carp, carp metabolism slows down when the temperature of the water is getting colder. A carp is trying to use as little energy as possible, even in digestion. Ensure that there is a compound used in the winter that is easy to digest. Any suggestions who win rant feed:

  • Hemp
  • Wheat
  • Mais
  • Mini boilies
  • Maden

Mini boilies
When you use boilies, make sure they are as small as possible, a maximum of 14 to 16 mm, many prefer mini boilies of only 8 or 10 mm. try fly fishing lures to choose from ANDREWFISHING where the content of wheat is as high as possible, which is easier to melt at lower temperatures. Because the water in the winter is often much brighter than in the summer, is the underwater visibility is much better and longer. A brightly colored mini boilie is visible from afar, this can make a carp curious to visit your site again.

A feeding place building in winter

If you plan to build a feeding site, it is important to keep this site active by regularly carrying out small amounts. In winter, it can be fatal to work when large amounts are applied at the same time on the site. The best option is to input to apply a small amount daily. Only a handful of mini boilies hereby is sufficient. Other options include some hands wheat feed or maize.

Use several cuttings

Smart anglers keep it near a fishing spot, they make sure they have built several small and compact feeding patches on the water at typical winter hot spots. If has been identified after 2 to 3 hours no bite, keeping swimmers or other signs of life, they move to one of the other cuttings that have been built. Prefer hereby always the first to detect when the Sun is shining in that moment.