What’s New in iOS 9.3

With the announcement of iPhone SE and iPad Pro 9.7-inch, Apple released also, the final version of iOS 9.3, a minor update to the El Capitan. What changes? Come with me I’ll show you.

The iOS 9.3 update is regarded as great, but for so many new features is well abated. The largest is the Night Shift mode that “yellow” the screen at night to use the smartphone or tablet not disturb your sleep.

Who knows f.lux, a free app for Windows and OSX, you know what it is. Created by former Google employees, the f.lux is based on studies like this to justify the removal of the blue tone of the screens when the sun goes down. He suggests that this shade is typically light emitted by the screens suppress melatonin production, hormone responsible for regulating our circadian rhythm, ie, when in sleep or not. By being exposed to this blue light before going to bed our body is messed up and sleep becomes more difficult.

Apple built the feature, called here Night Shift, iOS 9.3. It is largely identical to f.lux that come up running iOS via sideloading but their distribution was suspended requirement of Apple. On Android, which is available, the f.lux requires rooting to work. Interestingly the Lux, an older alternative to f.lux in the Google mobile system, eliminates the workaround.

Going back to iOS 9.3, when installing this version of the Control Center gets a new icon, center, in the bottom row. In Settings, some settings related to Night Shift can be done in “screen and brightness”. Inside, the user can set the scheduled activation feature, activate it manually and adjust the intensity of the effect on the screen.

I used yesterday the Night Shift, set to go into action in the sunset and leave the scene at sunrise it, and is what you would expect from something. The change is gradual and pleasant, except when consuming sensitive content color and videos, for example. For these cases, go to the Central Control and temporarily disable the Night Shift.

Other than this and although it is impossible for me to determine whether it was useful or not at the time I went to bed (not insomnia), the Night Shift only works, which in these circumstances is a compliment.

Another novelty of the few iOS 9.3 is in the Notes app. Now, give some to lock and release them only by means of a password or biometric via Touch ID.

The way this happens is well balcony: the Notes does not block all the notes, but gives the user the option to block some specific, more sensitive content. The password is the same for all those who come to be identified by a padlock, in the list on the right. The notes released with the password/Touch ID can be locked again with a touch that lock or turning off the device screen.

Also in the notes, you can now change the order of them according to three criteria: date of the last edition, creation date or alphabetical. Until iOS 9.2, they were only listed by the last edition. The setting of the password and the order is in the app settings, and not the same notes.

There are new developments in the Health app, too. In addition to subtle changes in graphics, now the tab “Health Data” gives app suggestions to help collect and analyze more information about different areas of nutrition to sleep through body measurements and to “reproductive health.”

Oh, some of the Apple standard apps, like Settings, Health and App Store, won support 3D Touch context menu.

The other new or are not available in Brazil, or are out of reach for most. In the first group are refinements in Apple News, Apple News app not yet released here, and improvements in tools to use the iPad in educational settings, including a new app, the classroom, for teachers, and support for multiple users in a even tablet – something that would be useful beyond the classroom. Available in Brazil, but out of reach of most, improvements in CarPlay, now suggests songs and artists for the Apple Music and shows points of interest by useful maps.

What’s New in OS X 10.11.4

On the Mac, the new version of El Capitan replica improvements Notes, ie, the computer also becomes possible to change the order of notes and protect them with a password – and here the lack of an equivalent to the Touch ID is felt. For those who use Evernote and wants to give a chance to the notes, Apple added a built-in importer. Is File, Import Notes …

Other features include sharing Live Photos between Macs and iOS devices via AirDrop or Messaging and the ability to save PDF files in the cloud through iBooks, making them accessible from any connected Apple device.

Some corrections and the usual promises (“improves the stability, compatibility and security of your Mac”) close the list of what’s new. Among them, however, it is worth mentioning one that left frustrated everyone who uses Twitter and browse your Safari: the fix bug with links shortened by t.co. In the previous version the most clicks on these links took centuries to open in Apple’s browser. Not anymore.

All updates are free. The installer iOS 9.3, iPhone 6s, has 310 MB and even lowering it yesterday immediately after the release, the download was fast and the update, quiet. It is available for all iPhone 4S from all Apple tablets from the iPad 2 and the fifth and sixth generations of the iPod touch. Some features are not available on all devices; the Night Shift, for example, only works on the iPhone 5s on, the iPad Air/mini 2 forward and iPod sixth generation touch.

On the Mac, the update of the El Capitan requires one download of 1.5GB. I downloaded the MacBook Pro cover yesterday and today when I woke up, the system offered to install – the files had been downloaded at night, with the notebook “sleeping”, thanks to Power Nap. Like the iOS, here also the process was quick and painless. I did not notice until now, no more apparent problem or slow strokes.

July 28, 2016

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How to Find the Right Size Bra

Are you wearing the right size bra? Once again, I was wrong. Follow expert tips to find the perfect bra.

If you’re a fashion editor and wearing the wrong size bra, something is wrong. That happened to me. Well yes, I walked around the street with a 3B when instead (and to my surprise) are a 2 c.

Kind of like you probably, I have always been convinced that my bra was fine as it was. But Asia Hatten, one of our site specialists destroyed my belief in a heartbeat. “Yes, it seems that the bra you have on you’re okay,” I said, looking at my breasts. “But don’t actually gives no support.” Apparently the band was too big, while emphasizing my breasts I needed a C Cup and not the B.

After I found out what was really my height I realized I probably not only the only ad I left around for years with the wrong size bra. Indeed, some studies have revealed that the majority of women stopped wearing the right size bra! So I thought I’d ask Hatten the secret to finding a strapless for big busts that fits perfectly.

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May 11, 2016

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Bra and Panties Sets for Plus Size

Is there any woman who is not crazy about lingerie? As well as shoes and handbags, panties and bras also occupy the female head with thousands of options. So do I. The lingerie is the first piece of clothing we choose when we get dressed. But we always get into trouble: which to use? Comfort, attitude, sensuality… there are so many types! The men do not understand why it took us so long to get ready, but this is an important step to women! The lingerie is part not only of the female wardrobe as well as history. Hidden under many layers of rags for centuries, it became an object of protest in early 1960s when feminists burned bras in public as a sign of liberation, then it turned into the icon of seduction in the 1980s when pop star Madonna wore it on the stage. In late 1990s, no-holds-barred appeared and this new millennium is full of technological assets. According to Freud, the relationship of eroticism and the underwear is nothing more than the fetish, or spell, and this happens when the personal satisfaction appears through objects or ornaments. The lingerie arouse the imagination of women and sharpen the fantasy of men!

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May 9, 2016

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Oysho and Women’Secret: Pajamas


The collections of Christmas are a treat for our eyes, because firms create great lines inspired by the warmth and style of these festive dates. Let’s review the Christmas novelties two signatures of lingerie, which also you can find ideas beautiful clothing homespun, pajamas, jackets and warm clothes. Are Prepared to do list Santa Claus?

The firm Women’Secret leads to a warm cabin in the woods, where we teach female and great ideas to be fabulous at home during the holidays. Sets of pajamas in Christmas colors like red, and warm clothes in fabrics such as fleece. That long jacket with soft fabric in pastel pink color is feminine and comfortable.

The lingerie not fail in signing Women’Secret. The sets are ideal for the holidays, with pieces of lace in shades like black or red. There are also new, with tops of satin, onesies and more original parts , only for special occasions.

Christmas is a time we love to party, but also spend days at home enjoying movies and blanket. So in Oysho have also launched a collection of pajamas and garments to be at home. The typical jacquard Christmas or print pajamas with penguins are great ideas, and feet, some warm slippers with inner lining. There are many more ideas Oysho you’ll love.

Proposals for lingerie Oysho are very original. Returns velvet , with all its elegance, with tops and bodies in this tissue. In addition, shades like burgundy or dark green again become trend. You also have classics such as lingerie in black lace, red and ideas for New Year ‘s Eve.

April 30, 2016

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A Bra For Every Type Of Woman

In the world there are as many women as fasteners. It is therefore important that we choose the best option bra for us.

Erroneously many of us we fasteners we believe suitable to our chest but they really are too big or small, narrow or wide or are simply not comfortable. While it is true that to look sometimes you have to suffer, in this case the world intimate apparel is a maze where you have to know how to move you . For us, according to this article, it is equally important underwear as foreign and therefore we give a few tricks to know what clothing is best suited to our body.

The first thing you must know are the types of fasteners that are in stores now, for luegosaber which is best suited to your face:

  • Push up bra:This is a bra that meeting, focus and increases breast volume allowing us to put more low – cut shirts. Many fasteners of this type have a little padding or foam inside to round and slightly increase the chest.
  • Reducing chest clip:Round and reduces chest. It is ideal for women with large breasts or separately as it has a cup that holds the chest and slightly rounded.
  • Basic Bra:This is a bra that is not noticeable and therefore does not mark under the shirt. The foam inside the bra fits your shape and conceals the volume. It is ideal for small breasts because not noticeable and can carry all kinds of shirts.
  • Bra with extra support:Has the wider straps and distributes breast without pressing. It can be used for all types of breasts whether large or small, is comfortable for sports.

Do not forget that the most important thing is to know your body, your actions and that you use the correct size bra . For any questions saleswomen may asesoraros on which model is more suited to your way but in the meantime you can take note of the different tips of fasteners.


April 29, 2016

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Bar Refaeli Stars In The New Lingerie Campaign For Agent Provocateur

Recently gave the ‘do want’, but Bar Refaeli continues to prove to be fully fit and ready to continue starring in fashion campaigns. The top poses for Agent Provocateur in the new campaign signature lingerie. A perfect campaign to raise temperatures during this time of year. The model ahead of us lingerie designs for spring 2016.

The Israeli model poses with the designs of the new season of Agent Provocateur lingerie brand characterized by their designs with vintage and very sensual touch . Bar Refaeli poses in the countryside, surrounded by straw and a rustic atmosphere with lacy bras and garters sexy black color.


The aesthetics of pin ups and sensual women of yesteryear has always been present in campaigns and garments Agent Provocateur , and the model evokes the sensuality of women with this campaign. We fasteners classic colors like black and red satin sashes and matching. The transparencies and sexy bras effects are also part of this collection, we can find on the web and stores the signature.


The model, 30, poses spectacular with garters and sexy bras, and panties dares to boast narrow body. It is one of the most attractive models in the industry, and now becomes the image of this famous lingerie firm for spring 2016. culottes, bras rimless and sexy clothes are part of the collection, which always surprises us with proposals most romantic and daring to show off in bed.

April 28, 2016

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Irresistible Lingerie Sets For The Wedding Night

The wedding night is the most special . It is the first night that the wedding couple as husband and wife will, and hence it is very special. The lingerie is a very important tonight, where we let the passion take us emotions as strong element. That’s why we suggest a few sets of lingerie for your wedding night. Are Ready to drive him crazy?

And nothing better to look at some of the proposals of Victoria’s Secret. The short nightgown, also known as babydoll, is perfect for those who prefer to insinuate that teach bet. Lucidlo with lace panties or a thong and bra in the bed. If you like you crazy with his eyes and what have you been put, You should choose a corset lace like this that has garter belt for the middle. Let me observe passionately and let the passion do the rest.

If you are daring women and prefer something more spicy and leave more meat exposed – or create that effect – nothing better than the sets of elaineqho.  It is one of the firms sexiest lingerie in the world, and all thanks to your designs . inspired by the retro look white is a color that every bride should wear on her wedding night: we recommend this set with garter belt included mixing this tone with transparencies. the lingerie nude is also perfect to catch him in the bed, and Agent Provocateur shown us with this lace body that looks like a second skin.

If you want a supplement to add to your look sexy girlfriend, You should choose this dressing gown lace and transparencies Yamamay.  The bodies that combine transparency and embroidery are a must: make you Intimissimi with this proposal and will succeed.


April 27, 2016

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Erotic Lingerie To Surprise Christmas

In mid-December begins a fast race towards Christmas, so we should start making all kinds of preparations to enjoy this special holiday of the year. And among the holiday detail can not miss ideas to surprise your partner as is the lingerie thin, sexy and erotic to make our Christmas night unforgettable nights with our partner.

One of the biggest bets on what fine lingerie refers has to do with color, and is that one of the colors of choice for our Christmas sexy lingerie should be red at this blog. In this case, we can go for a sexy and suggestive set of red passion composed of tanga, corset and garter belt color. Surely our partner melts when we see, and if you accompany it with a Christmas detail as a Santa Claus hat.

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April 26, 2016

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New Year with New Lingerie from Andres Sarda

With the premiere of the year we want to change our wardrobe and all have a fresh air and renewed . Well, why not start with the lingerie? It is a way to feel more feminine and powerful , picking pieces of great lingerie designer Andres Sarda . This designer always surprises with its proposals underwear, and for this winter has many inspirations trend you’ll love.

For this winter Andres Sarda makes us many different proposals. It not stay in business as usual and aims to offer various models that satisfy all tastes. Lace, silk tulle and other materials to display many different pieces that be great. Of course you can not miss the winter shades such as dark green or the check pattern , or classics like beige and black lace.

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April 25, 2016

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