Layer Look and Lacquer Shoes with Net Stockings

Aaaaalso with this outfit I lay so times right beside it. I admit, I’ve really considered whether I should really publish it on my blog.But for two reasons, I would not want to deprive you of this look. Firstly, you have a right to see me in a not so successful outfit and secondly, I have frozen for this shoot the very best. That should not have been in vain. Actually, I like every single one of these garments. The black top blouse I had already often combined with the cashmere sweater. I also wore the blue lacquer lace-up shoes with these patterned pants. However never with net stockings. And here lies the error. The net stockings are too much of the good for the pattern of the pants. This is just too restless. Also, I feel around the waist around too much throb. In November I showed you the top blouse with the neyo sweater together with a tight pair of stockings. This look has definitely appealed to me. So one thing is certain, again I will not put this composition on. Continue reading Layer Look and Lacquer Shoes with Net Stockings

September 23, 2017

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Outfit Sheego Xmas Style

It is Christmas but soon (only 40 days left!) and sheego I was invited by (quasi preparation technical), to style a Christmas look. I got so turned on its head the online shop and found quickly – however, I wanted to put together a classic black, red or Golden Christmas outfit, but signed up for dark berry, or purple decided. Although there is no typical Christmas color, it can be incredibly noble styling themselves and as you can see, yes also a properly festive look was born. Continue reading Outfit Sheego Xmas Style

September 1, 2017

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Spirit Outfits for Football Games

The whole of Germany is in EM Fever: While men primarily focus on the football matches and their favorite beverage, is for many women a very different thing important: the right fan outfit. Cathy Hummels (28), wife of international Mats Hummels 0(27), has now made the European Championship as an opportunity to boost her career as a designer. In collaboration with eBay, she designed a lucky shirt. What’s behind it, she reveals in an interview with the news agency on spot news.

Continue reading Spirit Outfits for Football Games

May 15, 2017

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