Vintage Market

The Vintage Market is a project conceived by Aline’s Pankaj Jade Spring, both housewives thrift stores, Nina Pans and Acquis frenzy, respectively. The idea was to gather thrift stores in the region and promote a fair where they find in one place, several options for those looking for vintage fashion. This proposal goes against the capitalist consumption ingrained in our society, and proposes a new way of consumption, sustainable and stylish. Continue reading Vintage Market

September 27, 2017

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Vintage Rock Wedding Dresses

If your style and that of your couple is more rock n ‘roll vintage, how about reproducing this atmosphere at the wedding party? The vintage rock style is stripped down and classic at the same time, breaks the traditional wedding pattern and will stay in the memory of all your guests.

The vintage rock style represents the decades in which rock and youth began to gain more space in society, that is, between 1950, 1960 and 1970, beginning in the United States and spreading throughout the world. Continue reading Vintage Rock Wedding Dresses

September 24, 2017

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Gorgeous Lace Dresses for Maid of Honor

Let’s check out the main trends of fashion 2015, when the subject is dressed as lace for godmother. And taking some colors like the white that is exclusive to the bride and the black that is very sad for the occasion, there are many colors, which can guarantee a look simply beautiful, elegant and super charming.

And in the color chart you can see models such as blue, green, red, metallic, which are the ones that appear the most in fashion shows 2015. Continue reading Gorgeous Lace Dresses for Maid of Honor

September 14, 2017

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Fashion History 60s to 90s

Fashion, these are innovations, new colors, new ideas, new cuts? But fashion is also in the history must be sought. Trends, it is over the years that they are drawn to, refined, affirmed. Today, after a dive in styles from the 20s to the 50s, we present the trends emerging from the 60s until the late twentieth century. To read the first part of this special “fashion history,” it goes here: Fashion history: the styles of the 20s to the 50s .

Continue reading Fashion History 60s to 90s

July 19, 2017

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Hogan Sunglasses for Summer

Summer is almost upon us and we could certainly not forget to tell you about the new collection of sunglasses Hogan sun. The young fashion brand of the group Tod’s offers us a really beautiful and interesting eyewear collection, with dozens of glamorous models and fashionable. Indeed, we have the opportunity to choose from aviator-style eighties models to the throttle, up to the patterns of retro and very glamorous. Let’s see what are the proposals for the summer of Hogan.

Continue reading Hogan Sunglasses for Summer

June 16, 2016

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Easy Ways to Make a Clock

has long enjoyed many hours on the phone or computer, does not mean that the clocks should disappear. Office, living room or kitchen, they can be not only useful but also serves as a wonderful decoration of the interior and stylish. This master class, we suggest you make your own clock from waste materials.

Materials and Instruments:
  1. Clock mechanism (it’s now easy to buy in any store goods for needlework)

2. Thick foam rubber sponge or similar material (the thickness thereof should be greater than the thickness of the clockwork)

3. Polystyrene (this material is widely used in the repair and construction)

4. Plate

5. Tape

6. Stationery knife

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June 7, 2016

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Jewelry Box Buying Guide

Women love jewelry and accessories as well as their own homes. It is ideal when you can combine your love of both in the same thing. Here lies the charm of jewelers, who besides being an organizer of these precious objects are also a decorative element of the house, in this case the bedroom.

Platinum jewelry, gold or silver is very valuable in sentimental and monetary terms, so losing them can cost us dearly. This type of objects, so precious and valuable and small, are very easy to lose, so we need a place to keep them, and if they also are organized, and all this is done in a place that decorates and lights in our bedroom, result is perfect, what more could you ask for? For these reasons and more, it is important and essential to have a jewelry case.

Jewelry Boxes – a jewel for our jewelry

Chains, watches, necklaces, rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets and diamonds, every day women have a variety of jewelry to choose from the site. Who has money for jewelry, I should also have it to buy beautiful jewelry! Models jewelers are varied, antique, classic, modern, luxury … It all depends on personal taste or how you want combined with the bedroom, it also adapts to different areas of the same: on the wall inside the cabinet, above the comfortable, is another element to customize the room.

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April 26, 2016

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Vintage Bike Jackets

Soon to be times of more wind and cold, thus can not neglect our body when it comes out in mountain biking. Ideally in mountain bike jackets is that they maintain a good temperature in the body but at the same time they do not hinder our March, either in the mountains or in the city.

Vintage bike jackets:

I think mountain biking jackets for winter are one of the technical products with more variety in the market. There are thermal, breathable, WINDSTOPPER, depending on what use are going to give you and among characteristics we find thousands of intermediate points. It should also be aware that we will not find the perfect jacket for everything. Which is very breathable used to be too cold and is very protective of the cold is too warm sometimes.

Thanks to technology we could shape properties of tissues to our will. Membranes like Gore-Tex, technologies like Internetages (, Wind Tex, Climate Cool, Dry Fit, Thinsulate, Super Roubaix, etc; each brings a magnificent properties but must learn to choose what we will be better in every case.

You should look at that mountain bike jackets are made thinking in the riding position. Get a simple test: put it to you and stretch the arms, and check that the sleeves are not left on the forearms and the stomach, chest and back you is tight, but that you can close it without problems. It should be shorter front to back and the neck should be long. Check out that zipper runs well, that the union system is robust and also have at least one internal flap that don’t miss air.

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April 5, 2016

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