Choose Earrings And Necklaces, Scarves And Hats

Learn to choose earrings, necklaces, scarves and hats that suit you according to your body.
Ons that are close to the face are key to your outfit. They can get divert attention from the shortcomings and enhance the part that we like. We must take into account the shape of the face (square, round, heart, elongated triangle), the neck length and type of neckline to make the best of ourselves. It is choosing scarves, hats and jewelry that suit us. Do not miss the advice of our Personal Shopper!

How to wear earrings and necklaces, scarves and hats:

Earrings according to your face:

  • Oval face: This is the ideal type of face that can afford all kinds of
  • Square face: Choose earrings small, round and close to the  If they are the longest of most linear possible.
  • Round face: Avoid, better styling elongated round face and big earrings.
  • Long face and heart triangle: Choose earrings base to expand volume and to add volume in the mandible, best round and large.
  • Triangle face much jaw. You sit well the same slopes that face the square, small and round.

Necklaces according to your cleavage:
The collars will help highlight or neutralize the chest. Aim these styling tips and history of hats on

  • Short neck. Stylize seeks to avoid this chokers and handkerchiefs halterneck, always wear long necklaces and scarves with verticality.
  • Chest high.To counter and volume down to avoid commitment agrgantillas and long necklaces and scarves that fall straight.
  • Low chest. Otherwise it seeks to volume above the chest with necklaces at this point to cut and scarves wound around his neck.
  • If you have buxomand you like long necklaces, try non-rounded and do not fall into the center, looking over his chest short necklaces. The same goes for scarves, they should be long and not very flashy or very voumen to stylize.
  • If you have little chestyou can afford any necklace, if you want to enhance it can choose volume and color.
Hats according to your height:
  • Thehats brimmed with volume remaining a little height the reserve for tall women.
  • Hats and Pegaditas to face short wing are more discreet and perfect for styling the figure.

Supplements will help you look slimmer. What is not missing in your wardrobe!