Choosing Eyeglasses for Face Shape

The size of the head

Choose small eyeglass frames if you have a rather small head. Make sure your glasses are not wider than the broadest part of your face.
Otherwise, if you have a large head, wide asses select eyeglass frames and avoid frames that “shake” the face.

Finalize your choice!
To finalize your choice, prefer the model that best follows the line of your eyebrows and make sure the bottom of your glass does not touch your cheeks when you smile.
Know that, without making a general rule, it is best to choose an eyeglass frame that enhances the facial contours.
Of course, the essential criterion is that you feel good in your glasses! Do not take this advice literally, it’s your personality above all that will dictate your choice;
But be careful, if you have a special or significant correction, the choice of the spectacle frame will be more difficult because all frames do not fit at all the glasses. For example, progressive lenses require a high enough mount for the eye to adapt to the different zones of vision of the lens. For progressive sunglasses it is best to avoid the advances or invisible frames and small rectangular shapes .
The color is also very important, you can read our article on choosing colors for your mount, and you want to play it safe, simply give then the color of your hair.
Finally, for fun or test several forms while remaining at home, you can use the test software online mounts, most shopping sites online eyewear are equipped.