Choosing the Right Socks

Now to a subject that we’ve written a little bit fastidious about on Our site, namely socks. A rather innocent garments among all style offence that is done daily, you might think, but at the same time, not one to ignore. There is more to learn about the art of choosing the right socks than you might think. And Yes, you can have other than all-black without looking like a clown.

Materials and fit
You rarely get the opportunity to try socks before buying them so you have to be careful in selection, according to ruizesolar. With the information that is given to say. (There are a few good moderation bell brands).Poorly-fitting socks are both awkward and wears out faster. For small ranges for the fabric too much and too large means that they move more into the shoe and torn by it. remember it, even if this article is intended to give the sock a little restoration so think most that there is more fun to add money to garment to l.
The material should be non-synthetic for breathe best (although there is a huge discussion on male nylonstrumpors excellence here). Cotton is cheap and easy, while luxury lirarna prefers cashmere, merino wool or silk. The latter should be hand-washed and plattorka, while bomullsvarianterna is OK to delete. Not to be considered to manage it, but still. The heel is made , we take for granted, tubsockar is a no-go.
Designers who makes stylish socks
Richard James
Richard James Savile Rows have well-made stockings in the collection, as it should be. He has declared that the sock should only be seen ≈ 9 cm (3.5 inches) between the kostymbenet and the shoe, when you sit down. A pity so beautiful stockings, you might think. Keep special tabs on the size here-I thought I did a Cape when I picked up the two couples who were a little too big for a bargain price. “The shrinking in the wash,” I thought. Not then.
Paul Smith
Sir Paul has left its characteristic stripes on most garments at this point (and a lot of other things also, for that matter). Thus, he is to be trusted even when it comes to stockings. Very distinctive, but maybe not something you have to the living.
CORGI Cut, a family business since 1893, has been supplying socks to both the (then) president Eisenhower and English Prince Charles. Good enough for them, good enough for you. A solid experience for the benefit of a good sock.
Sox Populi is a good store for socks like these. A less glamorous, but equally good budget option is Topeco we wrote about here.
Do you invest in fine stockings as above-do us all a favor: never ever stop them down in a pair of sandals.