Christmas Decoration Itself

Dear Ones,

Na – have you already taken the Christmas boxes from the cellar and thought about how you decorated this year? I show you today the decoration tradition of our family. Everyone can decorate his own Christmas still life.

To this end, we have a few long wooden tablets – years ago – but you can take everything, even plates or caps of shoe boxes. Main feature of the subsoil is elongated. Why? That’s the trick! No matter who decorates like: At the end everything fits in the middle of the festive Christmas table.

When we make our Christmas decorations ourselves, it always starts with a ride into the flower market. Then we rummage between Ilex, mimosa, moss, and eucalyptus.

Back home, every family member is looking for his treasures for his decoration. From light chains and Christmas balls to marbles to Star Wars figures and Schleichtieren – we really had everything on the Christmas table.

The good thing about it: 1. You learn to appreciate what you have. 2. If you buy something new, it is rather great pieces, which you have been enjoying for years, as a whole set of new balls. 3. Everyone can decorate freely according to taste and imagination – and his tray also gladly take with him to his room. On the 24th of December all the tablets are back on the festive table.

Christmas Decorations – Classic Christmas Forest

For this Christmas decoration you need the following materials:

  • Christmas chain (here: Moroccan style)
  • Christmas trees
  • eucalyptus branches
  • Candles with metal effect

What I find particularly beautiful: How warm and cozy the candles by the metallic effect also from above glow.

Make Christmas Decorations – Deer in the Garden

For this Christmas decoration you need the following materials:

  • moss
  • Silver Eucalyptus
  • A wooden star
  • deer
  • A Christmas ball
  • Pine trees
  • A string of lights

Tip: You will also get the moss in the flower wallpaper. In any case, put alufoil under the moss as it moisturizes. If you do not get a silver eucalyptus, you can simply make it yourself with silver spray.

Christmas decoration itself – In the Antarctic

For this Christmas decoration you need the following materials:

  • Building blocks
  • Schleich animals
  • Ribbon remnants
  • ilex
  • A starlight chain

Particularly practical: The starlight chain is battery powered. So the decoration can really stand everywhere and we are independent of annoying cables.

And now: Have fun with yourself!

In this sense

Your Svenja

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July 30, 2017

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