Cloned and Plundered: Zara is Still the Copycat Class

It’s Zara It has me stunned and hallucinating. And although I know that his collection is composed of more than 50% of clones, do not stop surprising me. And this week the clones are starring footwear. Stella McCartney y Camilla Skovgaard they are cloned without mercy… firms going to fall in love with one of these models?

And it is that the Spanish firm takes as an example the shoes Stella McCartney presented this last season autumn/winter 2012 / 2013 (and are still on their discounted website) and brings a version of more similar. The white sole as well as the form of the typical classroom ended in punta are present. Now, will you have also a biodegradable sole If you would like the original? If you’re that you like, they can be yours for 49.95 euro.
One of the characteristics and distinguishing features of (almost) all the shoes of Camilla Skovgaard It is your sole toothed. At first I thought it was horrible, but with the passing of the years I’ve used and the shock is not so beast. And years later, Zara TRF Decides to launch a pair of sandals that look like ones that launched the signed in 2009. Is the price? 29,95 EUR.
What you? they look like clones from today?