Closet Organization Tips and Ideas

The online shop has everything for you to organize your closet and leave it to your face. Check and have a good shopping.
Organize clothes, accessories and shoes are much simpler if you rely on an exclusive space for them, such as closets. These locations can be assembled in large rooms or compact and are composed of different modules and accessories that give an extra touch to the organization – such as hangers, racks of clothes and young men. Check the products offered by online shops and take them to the house with unmissable prices.
Closet composable
The line composable closet has individual parts such as shoe racks and drawers, and kits composed of racks, cabinets and shelves. Made of MDP (Medium Density Particleboard), the products have different sizes for you to mount the closet just right for your space.
closet airy
With pieces of wood or metal, airy closet is ideal for those who want to build a small space, since there is a wide range of compact products. This closet has options with chrome pin, as well as versions of glass drawers, which help you find your items more easily.
Closet basic
You want to build a basic space without many modular parts? Then get the closet basic, besides being the cheapest, it consists of kits accompanied by rack, module and bookcase with shelves. This is a perfect option for those with a compact space to set up your closet.
Closet Wire
Who lives rental or wants a closet for easy assembly should opt for the wired closet, whose line is easily assembled and disassembled. By owning structure formed by rails, you can adjust the height of the fittings and change them when deemed necessary, since the tracks have different levels of fit.
Closet accessories
To have the tidy belongings in your closet, get accessories such as support for rack (used for installation of the product), support for boots (responsible for maintaining the integrity of the shoe, as it prevents folds).
Clothes racks
By purchasing the clothing racks that have bars to provide support for the hangers, your clothes will always be organized and well spent. Practical and easy to use, the products help optimize space, they are compact and have no doors. To better adapt to your space, there are adjustable options. Check and have a good shopping.
Coat racks
Indispensable, the hangers allow you to hang bags, shirts and other accessories, helping thus in the organization of space.  There is pieces with children’s themes, as ball format and princesses, who will give a special touch in the closet of children.
The hangers, no doubt, are essential to the organization of space. Besides helping to keep the well ironed clothes, some models allow you to save ties, belts and bags. Check out the options that the online shop has in store for you.
Closet organizers
The closet organizers are responsible for putting order in the place. Some essential accessories are the organizers of shoes, which help to keep them preserved, and partitions of drawers, which allow different parts, are separated.
Chest puff
Two in one, the puff chest assumes distinct and important functions: store parts and accessories and accommodate visits. There are models available in the colors pink, purple, beige, white, and black, among others.
To prevent your shoes from getting dented, and with time, being damaged, store them in a shoe rack. The online shop offers floor models, wall and door, so you take the product that best fits your space. In addition to closed versions, there are open models, which leave their more airy shoes.
Female organizers
There is nothing more pleasurable than looking for one earring or necklace and find them instantly. For this, store accessories in female organizers, who avoid mess at home. In Leroy Merlin, you will find different models, such as trinket box, makeup, jewelry, scarves, cosmetics and lipsticks.
Young men
Organizing and decorating are the responsibilities of young men. Thanks to its hooks, the products allow you to hang clothes, accessories, bags and what else you want. At your disposal are parts made of steel and wood, found in purple colors, pink, and blue, black, yellow, among others.
Boxes and tissue baskets
Avoid objects around the closet getting the boxes and woven baskets. In these products, it is possible to hold heavy objects, since they are resistant. Accessories are available in square, round and rectangular shapes.