Cocktail Dresses Long Sleeves

The dresses are part of the garment indispensable in every woman’s closet, since in modern times in which we are living the special celebrations, important events, cocktail party, among others are very common on the agenda, so it is worth having on hand a model of elegant dress.
Now it is the turn of cocktail dresses with long sleeves , these dresses are a simple but elegant style. Here, recipesinthebox will show you the designs and models in trend, which are perfect dresses for modern women.
Cocktail dresses are mostly short, but when it comes to a party in a place where the weather is a little cold, you don’t have to spend the entire celebration dying you cold, then to do so, the short dresses with long sleeves are perfect.

Dress with Cleavage Peak

This beautiful dress with cleavage peak or also called “V”-shaped neckline. It is a perfect design for women who want to be dazzled, since it is a type of cleavage that always stays current on all season.
The color and details of this dress, make it special and unique clothing so you can use it when you want to dazzle.

Black Color Dress

Always found black in all dresses trends, and in this case it is no exception. You have a beautiful short dress with black short sleeve, has a type of cut that fits perfectly in the waist area and helps styling the image.
Light transparency in long sleeves give the touch sexy and feminine. A black dress is a sure hit for a cocktail party and all types of celebration.

Red Dress

This beautiful dress model has originality and elegance, thanks to the unique design that has sleeves, as you can see are sleeved design very different from the others.
As regards the type of neckline is sexy, has bright detail below the bust that make the dress a unique garment.

Dress with Transparencies

This original cocktail dress in straight cut with boat type neckline, long sleeves, transparencies in almost all the costume, and up to above the knee skirts. This dress is perfect for a woman who likes to always look sexy and different at any party going. Especially to my I love.

White Dress

Extraordinary white cocktail dress with a round neck, long sleeves transparent, beading both in the upper zone lower zone, and good short skirt. This dress is perfect for the teenager.
What do you think of these cocktail dresses? What is your favorite? Let me your thoughts at the bottom that I will be very grateful to you.
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