Collection of Football Jerseys

can collect jerseys each. Petar collects rather unusual, although it started from a live jersey Bayern Munich with him. But now he has-in the truest sense of the word – a motley mixture. We talked to the 34-year-old logistician in occupational safety.
With a jersey from FC Bayern München all started-that you have to tell us. Are you a fan of Bayern?
No! (Laughs) My parents are Bayern fans, because my father used to work in the region. Let’s put it this way: You have tried my brother and me to inspire for Bayern, but it did not work. We are both welded BVB fans.
How did you become a jersey collector?
When I was seven or eight years old, I got my first Bayern shirt from my parents. That was the end of the 1980’s.Properly started collecting I have aged 14, 15 years ago when I had the first own money. At that time there was in Dortmund a shop with exceptional Jerseys – since I was a regular customer (laughs). Intense my Sammelei then became again through the Internet. Facebook, Ebay and Co facilitate searching and buying enormous.
You collect Less Ordinary, you might say. On what principle you before you go?
I’m trying to get shirts from as many countries. The design is important to me. This is of course always a matter of taste, of course. But jerseys that I find ugly or boring, I do not buy.
And I prefer lesser-known clubs before. I find a club from the 2nd Italian League as per se exciting than AC Milan. Or jerseys from Romania, Thailand … has just not any!
What does that mean for you? Design
I like for example special editions, such as the Real Madrid jersey 7th Champions League win in 1998. I also have anniversary shirts LASK Linz, Borussia Dortmund, Racing Club de Avellaneda and Fenerbahce.
A cool pattern is a must. And: bicolor is better than monochrome. A special shirt number … just everything I like. There is also the fact that the shirts must definitely have a sponsor print. “Bare chest” is not an option.
Did you by any BVB jersey?
No. 2012 There was, for example, this yellow jersey with the black dots. I thought that was just ugly, that I would never have bought.
How many shirts do you own in total?
I’ve gotten 120 jerseys from 40 countries. One of Tottenham Hotspur was me, unfortunately stolen in Portugal out of the car. And I also have jerseys of clubs that no longer exist. These are all original Fanshop jerseys. A match worn jersey I of the Colorado Rapids.
How do you get the shirts?
About quite different ways: If I myself am on vacation, I always watch that club on site. If it fits, I’ll get my jersey. Incidentally, I’m always like in “foreign” stages. Although I do not advertise Groundhopping, but it goes in the direction.
Must have been on site in order to have a reference to the jersey yourself?
No. Meanwhile all know in my circle of my passion. That is, if anyone goes on vacation, he keeps ever lookout for interesting kits for Petar. A former youth player is just as in New Zealand. He will bring me some shirts.
I order mainly on online fan shop pages. With eBay it all began, however, is rarely interesting. One has to be very careful there, because a lot of fakes in circulation. When I see an interesting shirt on TV, then I search online for the jerseys. It is also convenient to interact with other fans in Facebook groups and get tips and tricks, you’ll find just deals.
What is your most unusual jersey?
I have unusual jerseys from Thailand, Peru, Honduras and Azerbaijan.
The hardest color combination comes but from our neighbors from the Netherlands. From Willem II Tilburg I have a green-purple striped jersey
The oldest foreign jersey, I own is from Feyenoord.
Katalogisierst you?
I did not keep Excel spreadsheet, the jerseys photograph from but and work with Photoshop even the logo in the background. So I put it then on my private Facebook profile.
What else do you do with the shirts?
I play football and himself wear during workouts of my jerseys. That is, they wither not in my closet. Still, if I train 2-3 times per week and each workout don another jersey, I need still about a year to have each time …(laughs)
Can you tell how much money you put into your hobby? And where will we end up?
On average I spend 25 to 30 euros on a jersey. Let’s see how long I continue to collect. It may also be that I would eventually get to the point where I stop.
At publication on a website or the like, I have no interest in the Sammelei I run just like for me. The pictures are only for my friends to see on my private Facebook page.
Is there any country or any club that you have absolutely still want?
No. I watch only for suspicious things, but from a certain country, it need not be. A national team of Croatia is me as just important because my parents therefore originate. With this design of 1994, the Croats have for the first time officially taken part in a qualifying round.
Thank you for the interview!