Come Rain, Come the Boots of Water

The summer is coming to an end and gives way to autumn and rainy days. For the more gray days, Havaianas It has created a collection of waterproof boots loaded with color so let us not forget the summer.

The reason? make joy during the 365 days of the year… I don’t know if I will get it because I hate the rain with boots, but at least try it.
And it is that, if there is a firm that is expert in creating fun, that is Havaianas. Now as it can rain, snow or make a splendid Sun, which you can keep the spirit of the firm, with these fun and colorful boots high water. Fashion is prone to feedback, so if you already have a pair of boots of water rescue them and but get some, plain or patterned, da same, but will go to the fashion more comfortable than ever.
Modern, bright and funky, you can wear them with jeans, dresses, skirts or shorts, a combination that fascinates me and many celebrities already have shown us… There are smooth designs in bright colors such as pink, purple or Turquoise. For the most daring stands out more Beach and striking, with built-in palmerita model.