Compare Xiaomi Mi Band 2 vs Xiaomi Mi Band H1

When purchasing a bracelet quantification of our exercise we have many options of many brands, some well known and others less but if a manufacturer that stands for the value of their products is definitely Xiaomi.
The Chinese company has already launched three bracelets of this type, the original Xiaomi Mi Band with a groundbreaking price and two improved in the same versions, the Xiaomi Mi Band 1S incorporating heart rate sensor and the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 in addition to that he had improved screen.
Today both simultaneously analyzed to see which of the two is most convenient for each user.

The similarities

If we put two bracelets facing we see that they are not the same size or have the same weight but when carry put the feeling is the same.
The plastic My band 2 is softer to the touch but both are well behaved and are resistant to water, something we consider essential in this kind of accessories do not have to take it from ever if we do not want.
The drums are also disparate but in everyday use, we see that both are walking the month of autonomy, which is very high but depends of course on the amount of notice we receive.

The differences

The main difference is the existence of the screen in the My Band 2 that allows us to use it without relying on the smartphone because it also includes a simple to use haptic button.
Both allow us to know whether or not we notifications but my band 2 to have display indicates what app is that notification, with a limit of five different.
But it’s use as the senior watch the differences we found in day to day and is that after using the My Band 2 for two weeks have tended to look at the time on the My band 1s, which is obviously not possible and we have resorted to the mobile.


When the truth we see that the latest version of the THEMOTORCYCLERS, the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is better than its predecessors but it is true that the biggest difference, the screen only justifies the price increase if it really is something relevant to US.
If we use as we watch pay more than double what it costs the previous model and only in that case that recommend the My Band 2.
If we want to count our steps, calories, carry a weight management and pulsations and do not mind doing it all from the mobile without doubt the My band 1 s is much better buy because it is technically almost the same, except for the screen and it costs much less.